Soldier destroys Humvees with the power of gravity


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Came here to be the first to say, “Christ, what an asshole.”


So not officially sanctioned intentional destruction, like driving jeeps into the sea after WW2?

I’d be indignant at the waste of public resources if every other fucking thing the military does wasn’t also a waste of public resources.


It’s court martial not marshal…


I love the guy who says, “Hey, do we need to call that up?” at the end, as the HMMVs catch fire. It’s the exact moment when they realize that this would end up being a giant pain in the ass for someone.




what a piss poor game of lawn darts - none hit the target


He maybe could have gotten away with it if he had just left it at ONE. I know in the early 2000s seeing a video that comprised of equipment drop mishaps, so shit DOES happen. Just not usually 3 times in a row.


Wasn’t this an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati?


Silly soldier. Exuberantly wasteful misuse of military equipment isn’t for the little people.


The quality of the video is outstanding.


“As God is my witness, I thought Hummers could fly…”


“Oh, the humanity!”


I seem to remember seeing a slightly longer version of that video (or perhaps a website with that video embedded) that also had some close up pictures of the aftermath. Still, Maxim 11 certainly applies. “Everything is air-droppable at least once”


Wait, Sgt Skipper? As in Skippy’s List?

(no it’s not, but the coincidental names add piquant)


We saw a version of this in person. We had permission to play paintball on a military training field. Our paintball game was separated from other active areas by deep ravines. One day, the army decided to practice equipment drops on the next grounds over. The game stopped when the low-flying Hercules dropped the first palletized Jeep out of the back, a second or two later, the parachute opened and the Jeep plopped to the ground. A crew ran over, unstrapped the Jeep and drove it away. This went off without a hitch the first 3 times, but the 4th time, the chute failed to deploy. The Jeep hit the ground and bounced in all its many parts; after that, the exercise stopped. I would not like to be the crewman in charge of packing that chute.


I’ve heard that other branches consider the Army to be filled with idiots who just love to blow shit up.


It’s Raining Humvees! Hallelujah! - It’s Raining Humvees! Amen!
It’s Raining Humvees! Hallelujah!
It’s Raining Humvees! Ame---------nnnn!


During WW2, a bunch of British Boffins wanted to experiment with dropping a jeep from a plane, and landing it safely by using retro-rockets.

They contact the Ministry of Supply who say something like, “You want a jeep for what? Do you know how expensive they are? Request denied.”

So the Boffins phone up a US base and talk to the Quarter Master who says something like, “You wanna do what? Cool! How many do you need?”