Soldier destroys Humvees with the power of gravity

You mean how he’s holding the phone the right way?

I thought so too.


You’ve heard of supply and demand, right?

Take that, military-industrial complex!

Oh, wait…


Spoiler: that’s all of humanity




Military procurement doesn’t really operate along market based lines, nor is destroyed equipment necessarily replaced.

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In my experience, it was a lot simpler to get something replaced than to get something repaired. So when kit got damaged (or just had worn down) it had the tendency to be brought in as “damaged beyond repair”.
As the Vercotti brothers used to say, “Things break, don’t they?”

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I was on a base in Fallujah. The one thing I will say is that if I have a choice between traveling with Marines through hostile territory or traveling with the Army, I’ll stick with the Marines everyday.

I’d tend to agree. The competence and motivation of Army units varies widely from company to company. But with Marines you know they’re gonna be committed to ass-kicking.

Only if you’re a priori convinced that the US military never serves an useful purpose, which is a pretty untenable position to take, as far as I can tell.


This is one time when vertical video would have been acceptable.

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He will move onto a private mercenary company. They will take care of him.

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If you’re gonna make knee-jerk “army sucks lol” jokes, could you at least get your stereotypes straight? A buncha professional military fetishists aren’t gonna hire a dude who got a bad conduct discharge for fucking around like an idiot.

The one who prepps the shute should sit in the cargo when it drops!

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