Some antisemites are having a hard time in the Entertainment industry

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TLDR: I’m not a lawyer.

They didn’t “terminate” her contract. All they did was not enter into a new agreement with her. they didn’t fire her, they just never hired her in the first place for a second go around. That previous contract didn’t say anything about Disney having to enter into another agreement as soon as this one ran out.

I know she’s delusional and thinks people are champing at the bit for her style of acting chops. But I don’t think disney is going to have an easy time finding a show she can be on AND people would watch it. You know, assuming they lose. Which they won’t, as no legal grievance has occurred.


I don’t doubt that, but you’ve read the contract?


For the 1 billionth time, she exercised her free speech when she made her public statements. Now she is enjoying the consequences of having done so. Disney is exercising its own right to free association and conducting its business by having nothing further to do with her.

Why is it so hard to get this through to these fools?


It’s not. They know what they’re doing. This is all part of the grift. Remember, noted “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk fired some of his own employees who had the nerve to criticize him. This is just the usual conservative bullshit: rules for thee, but not for me. See also: Wilhoit’s Law.


Correcting, to add the unspoken:
In a statement, X’s head of business operations Joe Benarroch said, “As a sign of X Corp’s commitment to free speech, we’re proud to provide financial support for Gina Carano’s lawsuit, empowering her to seek vindication of her free speech rights on X and the ability to continue her work bullying, harassing, and discriminating without having to be bothered by the consequences of her actions.


Here’s how it works, in case Ye (or whoever) doesn’t understand:

You do have the right to be an asshole.

And businesses also have the right not to hire assholes.


Not only is Xitter behind her, but Musk is bankrolling her lawsuit, Thiel-style.




“But Kanye is not antisemitic, he just said he loves Hitler because he loves everybody

“OK, so what did he mean when he said he was going ‘death con 3 on Jewish people’”?


So, if X is paying for her lawsuit. and this is a personal suit, her against Disney… will she need to claim/declare that funding contribution against earnings to the IRS ?

It might sound wonderful that someone is paying your bills, but this could cost her deep in the purse come tax time.


I don’t think there’s any law against Musk just giving her as much money as he wants.


Disney is no Gawker. It’s the Alexander the Great to Musk’s Darius III.

I look forward to the beat down that the House of Mouse will deliver.


Does X get a sponsorship banner on her jacket in the courtroom?



So sad.


You can give anybody as much money as you want, but there are limits to it before you, the recipient, have to pay taxes. For us normal shlubs in the US, you can give up to $10K to somebody as a gift without the recipient paying taxes. Are there fancy rich people ways of getting around that? Probably. Will Elon care if he does it correctly to avoid taxes, especially if he was high when planning it? Eh…


Yeah, but he can give her enough to cover the taxes. If some rich asshole says “here’s five million bucks to file some frivolous lawsuits, have fun” then the recipient still comes out ahead even if some of that money goes to the IRS.

Also I’m not clear she actually has to declare it as income if it’s a service provided on her behalf, people offer pro-bono legal representation to those who can’t afford it all the time.


That’s an interesting point. You’d think that a gift would be a gift, even if someone purchases services for you and the money never goes through your hands, but maybe if you put enough legal degrees of separation in there, you end up in a loophole. Especially if a corporation or billionaire could benefit from such an arrangement. But given Elon’s track record, she better hope somebody else is masterminding the plan. This is the dude who was forced to buy Xitter because of inept and high-cost driving trollies.


And who just got his ludicrous and sloppy Tesla self-pay-out rolled back.

Careful is not his middle name.