Some antisemites are having a hard time in the Entertainment industry

Not really. There are very few major brands in any American industry sector that want a demonstrated racist as one of their public faces – especially not one who is so boneheaded or deranged that they can’t even dog-whistle it. Conservatives will whinge that it’s “wokeness” and outright bigots will suggest that certain industries are “controlled” by Jews or Black people or LGBTQ people what have you. In the end, however, it’s just a basic precept of American consumer capitalism that you don’t needlessly alienate any market segment by having hateful raging arseholes representing your company. As usual, maximising shareholder value is the main thing corporations care about.


I really hate the simplistic take that cartoon pushes.

"The Hollywood blacklist was just fine, actually… " is not a particularly great principle to be lining up behind. Now, I know the people involved in these cases that we’re discussing are unpleasant and have a weak case, but more generally, people do need protection against retaliation by employers if they say something the employer doesn’t like.


That cartoon isn’t about Hollywood blacklists. It’s about people who think they have an inalienable right to share their hateful views on various public platforms.


FTFY. We lawyers are trained the hedge any answer. “It depends” or “most of the time” or “in this jurisdiction”


Oh, no- It’s fine when we do it. It’s only a problem when the other side does it.


Hey, kanyay!


West is wrong about just about everything. Jewish people do not secretly control the world, is one obvious example.

But he’s right about one thing. The fact he’s a public anti-Semite is indeed a major reason why he’s not welcome in venues. Yup. Hit the nail on the head there, buddy. Turns out most people, Jewish or not, don’t want to spend time with you when you go on about that shit.


Your Excellency, we submit for your consideration that it depends on the facts of the case and how this court weighs the body of law, whether there is a prima facie assumption that anything is certain and do we even exist?

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That’s not what that comic is about, tho… Besides…

[ETA: fixed the comic to a less Islamophic one… in my defense, it was 0-dark-30!]

Not all language is defensible nor should be part of the public discourse. Debate over tax policy or what have you is fine. Debate over whether some people should be allowed to exist is another. I’m unsure why anyone at this point in history believes that such language should be accept as part of our political discourse…

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You are aware that Gina Carano is a woman, right? No need to misgender her…

OH… wait… sorry… you’re speaking on Kanye not Carano?


In a statement, X’s head of business operations Joe Benarroch said, "As a sign of X Corp’s commitment to free speech, we’re proud to provide financial support for Gina Carano’s lawsuit

Truly, this is a golden age for lawyers. The right can’t stop hiring them.

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The Hollywood blacklist was driven in large part by government interference in free expression and assembly. HUAC intimidated the studios into firing or barring people from the industry, (although it didn’t take much intimidation, it was still enough to push the studios to lose valuable employees). So the cartoon is not an endorsement of the blacklist.

That’s a BS characterisation of the consensus here.


Meanwhile, this asshole has been in way too many movies in recent years.


He’s not getting a lot of work or PR from the major studios like he once did, though. His recent stuff is lots of geezer teasers and cameos. His last leading role in a big production is more than a decade ago.


And they just gave Ricky Gervais an award for a shitty stand up special on netflix… :rage: But sure… “cancel culture” is a thing…

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That’s not bad for someone who skipped over the whole redemption arc part.


That he still gets any work despite his openly noxious views just shows how loyal the industry is to A-listers who made the studios money in the past. This is their compromise. As @Mindysan33 points out, the claims of “cancel culture” aimed at the modern entertainment industry are particularly ridiculous.


I am clearly behind the times on this. I need to figure out who wants to gift me some tax-free money for…reasons.



Nearly 30% of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ, national survey finds (

That is huge demographic to piss off, and the impact on the bottom line would be significant. Yet another reason for rightwing panic. Demographics pretty much require the corporate bigwigs to turn on them.


“X: Assholes enabling assholes”


Also, the U.S. is becoming a majority-minority nation. White losers terrified that they’ll no longer have their skin privilege are the core driving force behind MAGA, all the more so when they see corporations doing what comes naturally and trying to reach out to markets they used to ignore.

And being ignorant right-wing fools who’ve been taught to worship capitalist enterprises as benign overlords, their only conclusion is to fall back on stale anti-Semitic canards.