Some male models wore baby bumps on the runway at Men's Fashion Week


I sent this link as a joke. Another user said that in order to be a pot bellied model, I should shave my precious tummy and that would cause a lot of itching. Another user suggested laser hair removal. So I remembered this incredible gadget that looks more like something out of a science fiction movie. Only a madman would use such a device for epilation, or a cartoon character.


What do all these salons do with the laser hair that they remove? That stuff sounds AWESOME! I could have a groovy wig made - and maybe even a merkin!


It gets donated to Pubes of Love.


Pfft. What could possibly go wrong? Here, hold my beer…


It gets recycled.


Come to think about it, a couple of years ago I asked my dermatologist about permanent laser hair removal, they offer this. I was thinking about having the throat area of my neck cleared once and for all. Despite the opportunity of making good money, the doc advised against it; he said that with bristles like this it just wouldn’t take.


Fashion is weird.

[ETA] Also… male models with baby bumps?



That last image is so … Pilkington.

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