Some Republicans fear that Cohen had taped conversations between himself and Trump that were seized by FBI


Since this is Stupid Watergate…

Also: using all the old materials and techniques as operating metaphors and UIs for modern digital processes, e.g. the floppy disk as an icon for “saving.” I heard a story where a young person approached someone with a floppy disk and thought it was really cool that they had 3D printed the “save” icon.

One has to assume they have come up with a number of techniques, given how long tiny digital storage mediums have been an issue for their evidence collection processes. They couldn’t do their job, otherwise.


They’re digital recordings stored on his phone, and probably also on a computer or three. “Tape” is just a term that for some reason won’t go away, especially with the news media.

From the article: Cohen…was known to store the conversations using digital files and then replay them for colleagues, according to people who have interacted with him.


None of those opportunists are Elvis’ level, though.

There is not a ‘facepalm’ meme in existence that is powerful enough to convey my sentiments about that.




Also Dumbghazi.


Also, file, folder, dialing a telephone, cc, bcc, even computer. I’m guessing that most people under 30 have never actually DIALED a phone, or made a Carbon Copy.


Perhaps Cohen didn’t hide them very well, if he didn’t expect to be raided. I imagine this is one reason for the no-knock warrant.


I guess my thinking on this is two possibilities:

  1. Cohen didn’t think/care how damaging the recordings would be or had delusions of invincibility
  2. Cohen realized just how damaging the recordings would be.

If (2) then there are no recordings. If (1) then they are probably in a folder on his desktop labelled “Trump Porn Star Discussions”.



The Stupid Watergate proceeds apace.


Not really a facepalm - it’s just that, from most young people’s perspective, that icon doesn’t look like anything they’ve ever seen in real life, except as a save icon.


Thought we had that already:

The Onion on Kanye West

Yeah, for me, it totally is.

(I’m allowed to have my own responses and feelings and to express them, thanks.)

Have a great day.


I’m no Elvis stan, but that’s kind of an insult to the dude some call ‘the King of Rock & Roll.’

Kanye can only wish he was anywhere near Presley’s level of popularity and influence.


But at the same point: you put Nixon on an equal level as Drumpf then the Elvis to Kanye comparison works (especially in the photo op situation realm)



It’s not on an equal level, though, and I never implied it was.

Did you miss the part where I said it’s like Watergate on meth and a speedball (which is heroin and cocaine, mixed together.)

That metaphor meant this fuckery has all the batshit sensationalism and self-sabotaging paranoia of the Nixon era, with none of even the false appearance of competence, or any sense of self-preservation.

Like someone opined above, it’s far worse than Watergate; it’s STUPIDGATE.



Jeez, fine, why don’t you go have an awesome day yourself!

Big blue penis painted legally on the side of building shocks Stockholm residents, who demand it be taken down

There are dogs that are trained to sniff for things like flash drives or SD cards. Just ask Jared Fogle.


You mostly beat me to it, but I thought I’d add the specific cohort I would’ve mentioned myself.


Already in progress; thanks.