Someone buried a walrus under St Pancras station




I love British understatements. “It’s a bit of a mystery.”

A four-meter long walrus buried under a church? I do agree my dear fellow! It really is a touch unexpected…


It’s Paul!


God, what a night that was!


Yes, I came here to reveal the same thing. Lennon knew what he was talking about. It is the body of the transmogrified Paul McCartney. That guy who says he is Paul is a guy they recruited to help cover up the accident.


Really, Baldrick? Was that your cunning plan?


Paulinus of York perhaps? Alleged location of his relics in Rochester being incorrect…


The Carpenter did it!


This doesn’t bode well.


Paging Dr. Miéville.


But did they find his bucket?


Probably something like that issue of “Astro City” where there was a shark on the subway tracks. Someone was doubtless trying to raise the Walrus God to take over the world but was stopped by some local superhero.




seriously - somewhere, walrus-murdering bukkit thieves are still on the loose!


On second thought I am with Sam Winston. It may have been the families of all those young oysters, though.


They didn’t move the bones, did they? You’re really really not supposed to move those bones.


Well, it probably took the Picadilly line from Heathrow


What’s the mystery? Someone needed to get rid of a walrus; that’s all.


well, to begin with there is all that yellow matter custard, uh, near the dog there, and the, um, coo coo co choo. If you know what I mean.


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