Someone sent Steven Mnuchin a Pile of Horseshit


Just in time for Christmas.


I’m sure whoever did this is going to get arrested and given a long sentence if they find them.


Yep. They’ll find some way or other to classify it as “terrrorism.”


Biohazard. (I don’t necessarily agree, but that’s the easy go to).


Mnure Sent To Mnuchin’s Mnsion


Oh, how I wish they had felt the need to detonate it on site.


There must be a pony in there somewhere.


Won’t someone think of the field hands.


“Terroristic threat” I am sure.

But let’s think about it: how do you avoid getting dinged?

I would guess it is as easy as packing the box wearing gloves, and then paying a homeless guy to mail it for you.

Making it a little hard to find the culprit is probably good enough to avoid vindictiveness. How much FBI money and time would Mnuchin waste on a prank?


Him? All of it.


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