Sousaphone turns KKK rally into party


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I like to imagine that the racist/antisemitic/hate/etc fringe is two to three guys meeting in a basement eating MREs and hoarding kevlar where each is employed as undercover agents by a different federal agency.
It sickens me to see such a large gathering, considering the low percentage of people willing to risk attending such a rally vs the total hate criminal community.


Gandhi would be proud. Seriously. I might have gone with the Benny Hill theme song, myself, though…


Remembering of course that Ghandi’s tactics only worked due to a trainable to be sympathetic(with enough passively offered up Indian blood) ear in the UK. Ghandi tactics are not working out well for Tibet.


Benny Hill would be good, but I’d also through in some if the Darth Vader march as well.

With the Benny Hill mixed in, it would be appropriately “stupid evil” instead of “cool evil.”


I was thinking more like this.


My mind went to “The Circus is Coming to Town”, but still feels a bit too joyful for the subject.

“Pink Elephants on Parade” might have given a nice air of surreality, though.


What is the name of the song he’s playing at the beginning (and throughout)? I keep seeing people online call it “Baby Elephant Walk,” which is (of course) a whole 'nother song*, or “the Family Guy Fat Guy tuba song.”

*Link features dangerously cute baby elephant pictures.


Hooray, clever sousaphonist. Boo, vertical videographer.


Reminds me of Henry Rollins and the we are the klan song lol



I want to say it’s a hilariously bad version of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas, but I think it may be something else entirely. The sousaphonist also plays an equally hilarious version of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.

EDIT: The song is indeed from an episode of Family Guy, which in turn was probably inspired by The Air is Getting Slippery by Primus.


Also, a short riff from “Ride of the Valkyries” by Wagner. Which probably has never before been played so ironically.


I’m not proud to have done it, but back when I was in high school pep band I once followed the opposing team back to their bus doing the same schtik.

I got quite the talking to from my band director.


When I am rich I will hire a sousaphonist to follow me everywhere playing Colonel Hathi’s march.

@Daneel, that’s “Entrance of the Gladiators” by Julius Fučík.


Ain’t no party like a Nazi Party…


The sousaphonist is awesome, but the lady taking the video doesn’t seem to help her (our) cause much muttering such tripe as “stupid is as stupid does”, “When the family tree doesn’t have any branches…”, not to mention taking the video vertical.

Honestly, what does “stupid is as stupid does” even mean? Can I win any argument by saying that?


“Tautology! BOOM! You lose!”


I don’t think they realized they were being musically condescended to…


It doesn’t count as “Godwinning” when we’re discussing white supremacists, right?

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Gee looked fine on my phone. Might I suggest you turn your phone upright?