South Korea's Constitutional Court upholds President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment

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South Korea’s Constitutional Court upholds President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment

See Americans! You can get rid of a useless politician.


impeachment - its the new black


Just to be clear, this is a good thing, right? I don’t follow Korean politics much.


Those are impeachable offenses? Here we call that draining the swamp.


I see a trend of this in 2017…


Impeachment works. Use it


Had a conversation with a Korean acquaintance recently and she assured me that whatever shame Americans are feeling over Trump pales in comparison to that felt by Koreans over their President.

She was acutely aware of how it reflected on her and other Koreans, especially those abroad, although the other dinner guests didn’t seem to know what we were talking about.

I can’t imagine what non-Trump supporting Americans abroad are feeling. I still feel ashamed of my country over their vote not to devolve from the UK and still feel that many Scots don’t appreciate how the rest of the world sees a people who say ‘no’ to freedom.

Of course, if you’re from the world of corporations and psychopaths and jingoistic deference to your betters, this shit just slides right off.


안녕 근혜야!

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All the Koreans I talk with or hear from (a whole bunch) are very pleased with this.

(And it follows a series of truly gargantuan protests.)


Oh surely there are a lot of Americans that would rush to a chance to impeach the first female president. If in a society known for a high level of unreported corruption only president that gets the boot is a lady, it just has to make you think. There is a healthy dose of misogyny at play here.


It sure is a shame there isn’t a widespread prejudice against orange douchebags.

…Or vile, lying, sellout fatcat fucking scumbags, for that matter.


Just to be clear, this is a good thing, right?

Last I checked they’re still investigating and nothing has been proven in regards to the accusations that she let her nutty cult leader know state secrets. However her nutty cult leader and the heads of a few chaebol did use and abuse the relationship between them. This could be dated info though. I only follow the politics here occasionally because I’m not fluent in the language and most of the expats who do report on it tend to be proud owners of MAGA caps (The swastika neck tattoo of the 21st century) so it’s hard to cut through their editorializing on it. However, it seems North Korea will be taking over by this time yesterday.

IMO most of the anger towards her stems from the massive-fuck-up-on-all-levels that was the Sewol tragedy on top of general social and economic malaise. This doesn’t mean that Park is an innocent, but she and her party were going to have their heads on the chopping block one way or another. Koreans can be a bit… uhm… passionate about things.


And peach season is just around the corner! I could definitely go for some fresh-picked impeachments.


Nice one Korea!

Just don’t Trump yourself…

Hello? South Korea’s Constitutional Court. That’s right. ALL OF YOU. Come here for a big, wet, smoochy kiss on your well-deserving, bursting-with-integrity, justice-seeking, example-to-America, cheeks!

C’mon! Don’t be shy.

Hopefully the peach-FUZZ might also come into play.

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What does this mean on the peninsula?

I’ve been wondering about that as well, but I don’t follow South Korean politics enough, or at all really, to know if the charges against her are legitimate or if they are typical political behavior exaggerated by opponents and media because she’s a woman. That’s never happened here, though, I’m sure. cough but her emails cough

As I’ve mentioned before: what Americans see as “business as usual” politics, other countries see as felony corruption.