Watch: Should Hillary Clinton be impeached? You betcha!


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impeached from what office? oh wait it doesn’t matter to these folk does it…


I must admit I would much rather live in a world where Hillary Clinton was currently facing the prospect of impeachment.


Pardon me while I start my Impeach Hillary page on gofundme.


Actually, “impeach” has many meanings, one of which is “to discredit” (reference), so Clinton absolutely could be impeached…

… but I’m sure this is a subtlety lost on most, including those in the video, and probably most on BB.


Fox News Derangement Syndrome.

That is all.


It’s facts like that that’ll get you impeached right out of this here forum mister!


In that case she was already impeached, during the campaign.


When the late night shows do these bits…I wonder how do they select the people?

How do we know what political affiliation they have? Are they random? Do they ask any questions to set it up?


My favorite part was the last guy, in the last few seconds of the video. It’s easy to set people up and cherry pick from the responses to create a convenient (albeit funny) narrative. It’s nice to see the real world pop up in the end. Better than expected!


These are the same people who hate Obamacare, but keep your hands off my ACA.


Jesus H Christ. We are so fucked.


For most people, I am sure “impeach” just means “something bad that happens to politicians who fucked up”. Given the propositions that a) she is a politician, and b) she fucked up, the conclusion that she should be impeached just makes obvious sense.

Of course their propositions are completely wrong and misguided, but it makes more sense than assuming they don’t know who the president is.


Now that the DNC has purged the Bernie-ites, I bet you Hillary will plan to run again.


Tim Kaine probably had that fantasy many times.


She must be impeached from her role as private citizen and remanded to the Oval Office for the duration of her two terms.


(EDIT: I haven’t watched the video)
I’m guessing there’s unused footage of people who knew what they were talking about. I’m reminded of the video a few years ago where (ostensibly) no college students knew who was in the Executive branch etc.


Exactly. I feel like if you asked 10 Rando students. 7 or 8 would know. Maybe I just have more faith in humanity than I should.




A Canadian comedian used to do a bit where he’d go to America and get people to say absurd things, like tell people Canada just allowed the Irish to vote and get people to say, “Congratulations, Canada, on giving the Irish the vote.” The fact that no one said, “That can’t possibly be true” or “What the hell kind of country is Canada? Are you guys all crazy racists?” strongly suggested plenty of B-roll, but it also, to me, suggested that if you put a camera in people’s face they will often play along.

Some of the people we are watching might love Hillary Clinton and just be showing off their improv.