SpaceX reveals first moon passenger: Yusaku Maezawa, Japanese fashion billionaire

Elon Musk seems like he’s days away from jumping up and down on Oprah’s coffee table and torching her couch with one of his Not a Flamethrowers. I’m not sure I would go anywhere with him until he calms down a little.


Just so long as it’s not Force Lightning.


"Go, Yusaku-san. Dip your bucket in the well, and bring us a drink of the moon. Go, take your artists to learn another world–and hand us its soul in iambics.”

(With apologies to the shade of Zelazny)

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I wonder if anybody is freaking out that Elon is allowing a foreigner(!) to travel to the moon, a place that, until now, has only been visited by Americans? Maybe some of the same people who are mad about the lack of the flag planting scene in the First Man movie?

Trump didn’t want to go? I would like him to go. He’s a billionaire, isn’t he? He’s also in great shape, so the trip would be smooth and easy for him. It’s like his whole life was leading him to this event. He could be the first President left on the moon. It would be YUGE!

Some of the best people are on the moon.


I even know where he can get a snazzy suit.


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