Speeder in Australia ticketed

buying it is the cheap part. getting shook-down by the oil cartels, the insurance mafia (on a schedule), and one’s government (scheduled and, as in this case, arbitrarily.) Then there’s maintenance and collisions.

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He’s not wrong. I mean all those animals like koalas, kangaroos, platypuses and drop-bears are just a dead giveaway. You’d need your head read if you ever thought those were real.


It’s hilarious because the metric system is so weird. I’m pretty sure only 2 or 3 backward countries in the world use it.


No-one could possibly believe in kangaroos or platypodes, but drop bears were described in Australian Geographic, a respected publication, four years ago this Saturday.


so why is Rob interested in Australian traffic? Have I missed news of his impending move? I do hope that his new place will have a unopened safe.

It’s like miles per Morlock.


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Canadian (Toronto!) perspective:

  1. “speed traps” where speed limits are slower for short periods suck. I know that some are there because of roadway restrictions (i.e., the bridge doesn’t allow a full shoulder) but that shouldn’t make them spots officers can sit at and just generate revenue, especially - again - when no one is travelling the posted speed limits, to begin with.[/quote]

Welcome to Waldo, Florida. They’d been doing it for years.

If you think that’s bad, then there’s Hampton, FL, about five miles up the road.

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I got pulled over for expired tags in the middle of a city, with my turn signal indicating that I was about to pull into the garage ten feet ahead of me. My license was also (recently) expired. Fair enough, but the cops made me leave my car parked illegally at the curb instead of letting me get it off the street or call a nearby friend to get it. Of course they had a tow truck waiting. Never saw that car again.

This cop was doing the kid a favor by letting him pull off the road and the kid was still an insufferable shit to him.

Melbourne guy here. This scene is 100% typical and totally boring, right down to the patient cop, and the kid from KL who’s dad bought him an Audi to drive around while he goes to uni. Kid is pissed because back home he can make a cop’s day with a few bank notes.


Actually I think he is probably Malaysian or Indonesian, and driving on his foreign license. The rules where he comes from are most likely similar, but enforcement is totally different. Because his family obviously have money they are accustomed to buying their way out of situations like this.


No its appropriate. The “hill” is part of a major tollway interchange. A few hundred meters down the road is the docklands district with a messy intersection onto Dudley street and Wurundjeri Way. Its opposite Costco and down the road from a major commercial market.

For context: https://goo.gl/maps/RqcUwVvCWoF2

Whilst it LOOKS authentic, to me this (and all similar shows) seem total bullshit.
What is this? A re-enactment filmed with the perpetrators connivance?
How many camera angles? How many cameramen? The driver is totally attending to the cop and never looks at the camera once. What? Not even distracted by the obviously needed third person. One further point - this stuff winds up on TV. Does anyone really think that - even if this guy has been legitimately booked for speeding.- that anyone has the right to use this footage on TV without his permission? Sorry. Suspension of disbelief FAIL.

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100%? Zounds! I stand corrected!

I live in this neighbourhood, and the road goes from 4 lanes at 70Kph, down to 3 lanes and 60Kph for no apparent reason, and then as can be seen in the vid, back up to 70 less than 600 metres later. It’s a blatant speed trap, coming over a crested hill, blind to any upcoming speed traps. I’m forever seeing cars whiz by me at 70+ so not surprised at this, heck I even see the same cop car in that exact spot frequently.
The arrogance of the driver, and playing the race ignorance card, is also an all too familiar scenario in Melbourne as well sadly…

60km/h is the standard limit on Australian urban roads. 50 on suburban residential streets, 40 around schools in mornings and afternoons, 70 to 90 on major urban arterials, 80 on rural roads, 100 on highways, 110 on motorways, 130 out in the NT outback.

The limit drops to 60 in that section because of the intersections, obstacles and obstructed vision under the overpass. It’s an obvious hazard spot.

The driver’s license wasn’t pulled for this one offence; he’s built up a string of penalties in the last couple of years that put him over the allowed fuck-up limit.

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guy needs to practice his lines.

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