Spirited Away is still so lovely as an old Nintendo game

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As much as I enjoyed the reminder I must watch this movie again, the whole calling things 8-bit with transparent layers really bugs me.

I will have to watch later, but Spirited Away is one of my favorite films ever.

What bugs me more than the transparent layers; the colour limitations. When someone says 8-bit you know they mean a NES retro feeling, so that means 12 different colors to use for sprites at any given time on screen.

But besides my own jaded ways, it is an awesome distillation of the movie. Loved it!

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Gee, it’s so hard to pick a favorite. I don’t know whether my criterion should be the volume of my laughter or the volume of my tears.


Nausicaa and Mononoke earn points for the impressive scale of the stories, Spirited Away definitely wins judged on feels though.

Her name is Chihiro. Yubaba takes away most the characters she uses to spell it in order to own her. The one remaining character is pronounced “Sen” when its by itself, so that’s what Yababa calls her for awhile. Chihiro forgetting her real name is one of the threats to her. If she forgot it, she’d end up like (Ko)Haku. Lost.

Edited for spelling. Figures I’d spell a name wrong in a post about how someone else got a name wrong.


If this were a game, I would play it.

For me, 8-bit will always be the Spectrum/BBC era. Which means that having 12 different colours total is overdoing it.

…but I’ll let it pass in the name of art.

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