Sportcaster's Seinfeld-rich broadcast




Sports dude is sponge worthy.


All that and no Junior Mints.


Last week he had a sportscast that dropped about 3 dozen professional wrestling references into it. The guy knows what will get YouTube views.


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Still not enough to make me sit through the sports segment of the news…


Junior Mints at 3:33


Isn’t Seinfeld kind of dated? Maybe he got rid of his TV or something.


It was a one in a million shot doc.


well, it’s on tv about 34 times a day up here in new york. dated or not, someone is watching it with me.


Now that was much better!


That’s like saying Star Trek, or Casablanca is dated. Yeah, it was a recent classic, but it was a classic.


Thanks. Now I feel like The Assman.


Same here. If they were Firefly references on the other hand…

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