Sportcaster's Seinfeld-rich broadcast


Sports dude is sponge worthy.


All that and no Junior Mints.

Last week he had a sportscast that dropped about 3 dozen professional wrestling references into it. The guy knows what will get YouTube views.

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Still not enough to make me sit through the sports segment of the news…


Junior Mints at 3:33

Isn’t Seinfeld kind of dated? Maybe he got rid of his TV or something.

It was a one in a million shot doc.


well, it’s on tv about 34 times a day up here in new york. dated or not, someone is watching it with me.

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Now that was much better!

That’s like saying Star Trek, or Casablanca is dated. Yeah, it was a recent classic, but it was a classic.

Thanks. Now I feel like The Assman.

Same here. If they were Firefly references on the other hand…

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