Squirrels! Eating Unusual Things!

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I noticed yesterday that a squirrel picked one of my okra pods and left it uneaten on the doorstep to my home. I know it’s a squirrel because they’ve raided my tomato plants and half eaten tomatoes are scattered around my lawn, both green and ripe. They’re obviously not a big fan of okra, and my remaining habanero peppers remain untouched.


I have many Jalapeno peppers with teeth marks in them. Never more than one set of teeth marks though!


Back when I was living in Toronto I noticed a squirrel poking around some of the potted plants on my desk. I went to investigate and dug up half a hotdog bun that had been stashed there.


one of the guys that joined the ‘tech this week’ show had some interesting photos…

Our backyard squirrel ony eats nuts. We’ve tried fruit that they’re supposed to like but nope.

We put out almonds, shelled walnuts, and shelled peanuts. He eats the almonds first then the walnuts and finally the peanuts but only after he begs and begs for more almonds.

Some days he walks right in if I go out the door or he blocks the step or sits on top of the hand rail. He lets us pet him but only because he thinks it will get him more almonds(it does). He really really wants those almonds.

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I have a picture of one of my semi-tame squirrels eating a full-sized maple bar on top of my fence. I left my patio door open and she had absconded with it.

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