Stanford rapist Brock Turner already free

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Come on. That supposed contract would be that people who hurt others are left alone to be judged by fair trials, and that plainly does not happen to people like Turner. You’re really going to attack Snowlark and ActionAbe for noticing this contract is routinely broken, as if that means they are the ones who broke it?


Nobody is suggesting Brock Turner be tried again. It would be nice if he was resentenced to a longer term in prison like the Hammonds were in Oregon when a judge determined the original sentence was incorrect, but it’s probably not possible or likely here.

There’s a difference between the legal procedure being followed and justice being served. People are upset about the (in)justice part. Legality and justice aren’t the same thing.



I didn’t realize electricity started with you and your personal responsibilities to your society!

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Were all laws set immutably in stone at some point in the past?

Or are we not members of a society that is continually interrogating and redefining itself?


my complaint was mainly that it was posted a week ago. although technically not a repost, since it was ‘he’s getting out of jail’ and now it’s ‘he’s out of jail.’

i guess next they can post ‘stanford rapist brock turner goes to the store’ or whatever.

Maybe when he goes to the store, he can finally get some of those steaks he’s been too depressed to eat before the trial.

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I suppose it might not matter too much at this point but has anyone asked the victim about her feelings regarding this. Does she feel like he has had a chance to rebuild his life in her opinion. Does she feel good about him wandering around society. Would she be ok to bump into him at a social function. If she found him passed out naked would she have any passing thoughts about collecting his little nuggets and taking them home. Would she be less of a person if she had those thoughts…if she acted on those thoughst. Would she giggle every time she heard a soprano?


I’m certainly not saying the sentence should have been lighter, but should these really have been two separate counts? If you kill one person you don’t get convicted of murder in the first, second, and third degrees, plus manslaughter.

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You don’t spend enough time talking to lawyers.

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He could move overseas. Are sex offenders denied passports?


Nope. It’s a pretty small list that disqualifies you from getting a passport.

I remember reading there was a push to get special markings on a passport for sex offenders but I don’t think that has gone anywhere.

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A bit off-topic, but funnily enough the USA seems to be the most restrictive in terms of not giving visas to anyone with a criminal record. I know someone who’s ineligible because of a public urination charge. He travels a lot, too. Iran, China, nobody else seems to give a shit.

That’s the first thing I would give to convicted criminals - a passport: “Perhaps you should think about moving. Heard the weather is nice in the USA.” :slight_smile:

Many countries would deny a visa, and it might prevent them from emigrating. I’m sure it varies by country. A lot.

I was puzzled over the separate charges as well though it does make sense to me on some level since those two aren’t mutually exclusive. You can abuse an intoxicated but conscious person, or someone intoxicated and unconscious. At least that’s how i interpret the charges


I agree, and also wonder if it was to ensure that if he got away with a “not guilty” verdict on one, he could still get jail time for the other. Intoxication has a tendency to work against victims, especially when they’re women.