State of emergency in Louisville before Breonna Taylor decision

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That sounds ominous.


Pay off the family, let the cops walk. Tear gas anyone who says boo about it.


Yeah, you don’t declare an emergency and board the windows to prepare an announcement of charges for the killers and justice being served.


If I were Breonna Taylor’s mother, I’d spend every penny of the millions she was “awarded” by the courts pursuing actual justice.


Clearly, they are taking appropriate precautions in preparation for violent reprisals from right-wing domestic terrorists when the cops in question are charged with murder.



Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton won the Tuscan Grand Prix last weekend and wore this shirt on the winner’s podium. He’s not even American (he’s English) but he cares very much about what’s happening here. Even if you have no interest in motorsports, please take a few minutes to learn about Lewis Hamilton. He’s the best driver on the circuit and he clearly gives a shit about making the world a better place. He’s someone to cheer for.


How traditional.


When we have a hockey riot here, it’s because the team won, not lost. Happened twice.

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They didn’t declare a state of emergency because they’re about to announce anything positive, and this sitch is a helluva LOT more important than a mere sporting event.


As the cops love to say — if you didn’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. :man_shrugging:


It’s almost as if the trial is just for show and the verdict has already been determined. Honestly if I didn’t know better, I might suspect that they already know the outcome and are preparing for the consequences.


In ideal circumstances the cops would be taking precautions no matter what the verdict was, but we all know what the decision will be, and that the “precautions” will be unrestrained brutality against protesters, peaceful or otherwise, while any alt-right goons causing trouble are conveniently “overlooked”.


Some of the comments above seem a bit confused. We’re not talking about a court verdict here. This is the district attorney about to announce whether the murderers of Breonna Taylor will even face charges. Actual justice is still a long way away, if at all.


I’m not sure which comments you’re referring to; there’s no confusion where I’m concerned.

If TPBT in Louisville are taking such preemptive measures, it signals that they have no intent to even charge the officers responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death with any crime.


I am not expecting any “actual justice” on their part, nor even any feint towards it.

Which leads me back my earlier comment about Ms. Taylor’s mother using her new acquired resources to seek whatever justice she can get with her own recourse.


I was referring to the two comments immediately above mine that used the words “trial” and “verdict.”


Sounds likely. As I understand it, the cops were working within the bounds of the law. That the law is some fucked up bullshit is beside the point when in comes to prosecuting them.

I dunno man.

I didn’t even see those 'til you mentioned it; all this nonstop fuckery has me so damn tired…


Is that what you want to happen?

I got a better idea- tear gas the cops who did it, then make them apologize to her family- it’s the only way you’ll get plausible tears from them.

Then fire them, and throw them in fucking jail for murder. All of them.

Pay the family from their salaries this year, and then a lot more, and on top of that, defund their department by half for the next decade.

Fire their supervisors, and anyone who authorized it.

Then let people march in triumph past their precinct, to spit on their steps as they walk by.

I think that’s a better solution.


It seems very relevant to know if this is based on knowledge of the actual decision or not.

Either way it’s a pretty foul piece of political theater. They’re spending public money to paint the supporters of a murder victim as a dangerous gang, and pandering news outlets will duly broadcast those propaganda images nationwide, and frightened, spiteful Turmplings across the US will remember those imagined riots even in the more likely event that they never happen.

But it’s possible this was done without knowing the prosecutor’s decision, which would be even worse. In that case the government is just taking for granted that justice won’t be done, and spending public money to deal with the blowback even while spending money on the salaries of the corrupt officials who are causing it.