Steady B, Life in Prison


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The waterproof MC
You ain’t wettin’ me
You need to stop rappin’
and start robbin’ banks like Steady B
–Ras Kass, Soul On Ice

anyway, since this is the defacto hip hop hang out on this board, I was gonna post this cut session from the ATL Scratch Academy last week. after the intro, they set up the round-robin and then it’s a 40 minute scratch sesh, but if you want to see a honky who hasn’t touched a deck in over a year relive his former glory in the clubs, forward to 19.48, and a couple at 35.14, too. I’m rusty as hell, but they came out OK, I guess. the real treat is most of the other fellas, tho.

my favorite was Jaycee, who is off-camera looping all the breaks that everyone is cutting over. I don’t get why they didn’t feature him more, but my friend captured this bit of him looping Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express into a live remix

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