Stephen Colbert on last night's debate


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If Hillary is “Preparation H”, then it must mean Trump is a hemorrhoid.


Yuuuge Tremendous Hemorrhoid.


Red: check.
Angry: check.
Swollen: check.


and belongs in the general asshole area: Check

or “all around asshole”


Politifact rates that: Mostly True.


The day advances and we are still not yet graced by a parody of “Wrecking Ball” featuring “We came in with an Internet”.

Are there just too many fish in the barrel now?


We came in with an Internet
But ISIS has made it their art
We aren’t doing enough cyber yet
My ten year old is very smart


What was the tagline for alien vs predator - whoever wins…we lose.


Not that I want to defend Donald Trump, but in fairness, I don’t think he ever said he was endorsed by ICE. I’m pretty sure he said ISIS.


Ha, right! That’s how I heard it during the debate.


He also has the backing of the Vanilla ISIS.


At this point Trump folks cannot be swayed, it is seriously us VS willfully ignorant and/or vengeful/stupid. And I paint US with a broad stroke but for fucks sake PLEASE not Trump. The system may be broken, but this idiot just CANNOT represent a country, especially the one I live in


He sure is a pain in the ass.


Surely we must be approaching “Peak Satire”, when the satirists will just have to say, “Enough is enough, we came here do to satire, not reportage”, and throw in the towel .


Reportedly Tom Lehrer said that political satire was dead back when Henry Kissenger received the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems that whenever we reach the bottom, we discover a new cellar.


Tony Blair: Middle East Peace Envoy… shudders :smiley:


That what Spitting Image did when they quit. They said real politics had become too ridiculous to satirize.


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