Stephen Fry let "Ex-Gay" therapist explain himself badly




“He can no longer be turned on by men… that means it is a complete success” well by that logic I have a cheaper and far more effective technique, if all we need is to stop gay men getting erections from looking at gay porn then let’s crack open the bromine. I mean, for the sake of the argument let’s pretend I find intolerance of homosexuality reasonable and believe that we need to cure it, how could anyone claim that taking away gay feelings is a cure?


cough Stephen cough


Well, at $140 per session, at least once per week, we are talking $ 7280 gross per year, per patient. Who knows how many sessions a week, maybe more? The Ex-Gay therapist is a snake oil salesman who coiled himself around religion.

When Fry tells him he looks like a homosexual, his response is a bended wrist, which is one of the more enduring stereotypes of gay men.


That “reaction shot” was cut to and could have been taken from any point in the interview. And his response, at least according to the editors, is to straighten his wrist, from being flexed backwards to propping his hand against his chin, masculinizing his originally feminine gesture.

I don’t know when this video is from, but in California you are no longer allowed to do ex-gay conversion therapy with minors.


A few states have banned it. Whatever, the editing, the wrist shot was interesting and intentionally played for effect.


I saw the whole show. Particularly likes the bit with the Ugandan pastor.

Interesting that Nicolosi’s entire definition for homosexual activity was watching gay porn.


Does the full length show ever discuss the man in this clip’s father? I don’t know the answer to the nature v nurture debate, but perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle. Fry himself claims that his father was cold to him and he was scared of him.


Just wondering – how does it even really matter whether it’s one or the other, or both?


How come whenever this “cure” business comes up, it’s all about The Gays, and (seemingly) never about converting lesbians?


Cause they’ll knock you the fuck out…


As far as the validity of the therapy, not at all, seems like the guy is just taking advantage of people. Just a datapoint in the nature/nurture issue.


Misogyny. Men who violate their alleged gender roles are extra scary, because who would willingly humiliate himself like that?


Because straight men are attracted to some harmless lesbian sex between consenting adults.


Human sexuality, seems more of a tendency than a hardcoded trait. Homosexuality exists as a common behavior in many other mammals, but there also appear to be biological mechanisms at play (fraternal birth order effect).


I don’t have any stats about about the ratio of ex-lesbians to ex-gays, but I guess there must be some as my very religious sister-in-law spent a year counselling Lesbians to return from the Dark Side. This was a job she was paid for by some evangelical church group. I often wondered what her “success” rate was like but I’ve chosen never to talk about it for the sake of keeping the peace in the family…


I have a hunch that part of the issue has to do with the fact that it’s (physically) easier for a homosexual woman to have intercourse with a straight man she has zero sexual attraction to than the other way around. As long as a penis ejaculates into a vagina, everyone gets to have plausible deniability.


Wait, what? No longer allowed?! Like, previously people could? Fuck me…


Completely agree, I noticed it as well. I just understood you as saying he purposely bent his wrist to affect gayness, when I saw it as being accidentally caught in a stereotypically “gay” posture, and “correcting” it.


No worries. I think you were responding to me (?). Or you were talking to yourself, which is fine, I sometimes do that outloud.