Tantric sex lessons from the actor who played Barney the purple dinosaur


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Creepy, in a kind’a not so cute way.


Well that just made my day surreal and not in a good way.





Consenting adults, sure, but whoever put that headline with that photo should be in prison.


I remember reading about prisoners being subjected to endless loops of the theme song in Gitmo… Seriously.


Visualize the energy rising in your cloaca.


I hear he’s a monster in bed.


Say “hello” to the new Midnight Cowboy.


Funny how this weird spirtual stuff always says stuff like “Listen to your husband” or “condoms inhibit the precious bodily fluids which have, like, energy?” and never, say, “if she doesn’t come you don’t bucko”


It feels like the very definition of P Who Must Not B Named.


Actually considering Barney’s voice I see him more as a Ratso Rizzo… Hey I am walking here.


Barney’s a gigolo. Yup, that checks out for 2018.


Yeah, that one, the latter option.

ETA: ehh, on second thought, if these thirty-so clients are willing, voluntary, and consenting, it’s the least of our problems, as bizarre as it is…

ETA[2], but seriously, if you’ve got an extra $350 to spend for this, even if only once every three months, then fuck you.


I run a similar sex service. I charge half that price and in the end you realize how much better off you were alone or with your spouse. Sorry, no refunds, but I will share a pillow to cry in to afterwards.


Presumably measured in jizzowatts.



He needs to buy my conductive condoms. Made with real gold dust.

They focus and amplify your tantric energy. Sure they’re expensive- but isn’t your spiritual sex life worth the very best?


I think the question is, creepier than the Elmo guy? No, no actually…