Stevie Nicks shows how to kick attackers in 1983 self-defense manual


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That must be the White-winged Dove stance.


That’s it. My next D&D character is going to be martial-artist Bard with those exact boots.


Clearly, she’s wearing her ass-kicking boots!


Those boots.

Does Nancy Sinatra have an entry in the self-defense manual genre? Something along the lines of:

These Boots Were Made for Kicking You in the Fucking Face, Pervert.


daaaaang! that kick would end me. The title of that pic should be “Last known photo”


She kicked him right in his self-defense manual, and if that isn’t devastating I don’t know what is.


Kudos to Mr. Jones for exercising Ninja-like self control and not looking up Stevie’s skirt as she kicked. Very nice.


That kick is why she was always telling us to Stand Back.


God damnit. You beat me to it by mere seconds.


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