Stranger Things, the 1980s anime

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then why is it drawn in the style of a late 90’s anime.


Zombie Barb!?!


Looks fantastic. I’d watch this on the regular.


That was pretty cool. The ‘ka-ching’ noises and the light glints totally sold it :smiley:


yeah, uh no? definitely looks more Robotech circa 1980’s.


Will Byers is far less superfluous here than three seasons of the show.

Sutoreinjaa Shingu…bu? Should be Shinguzu, n’est-ce pas?

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Yep, Zombie Barb.



I guess i’m spoiled for fake-80’s-analog these days :smiley: the colours, lines and animation all look very digital


True. Because well it is digital I am sure. But the style regardless of the tools is definitely that mid 80s look.

And to be honest they all sort of blend a bit.

The Will Byers action figure!! Now with posable arm for putting on back of neck for ominous moments!! Has two new expressions to go with the existential horror face: cautious smile and petulant frown!!

Demigorgon smoke sold separately.


It looks modern because it was created high-def, at least 1920x1080. TV resolution in the 80’s was less than half of that, and a 4:3 aspect ratio. There’s too much detail in this.

Very cool…

but somehow, it still has a distinctly American look.

Part of it is probably just the fact that they didn’t change the setting.

One part is that the American setting is more accurate than most Japanese anime artists would have managed in the 80s. They’d have accidentally made things look more Japanese. (Sort of how DC managed to make Austria look completely and hilariously wrong in the pilot episode for Titans…)

Then there’s the shading. It looks computer generated. They did it by hand in 80s anime, and they used it much more sparingly, I think.

And there’s something about the way the faces are drawn. Drawing some subtle differences between the represented races in the ways that are customary in America’s race-conscious culture, but that most manga/anime artists don’t care about.

The VCR effects at the start are a nice touch.


The title says ストレーンジヤー・シングブ
(sutore-njiya- shingubu)
It should read ストレーンジャー・シングス
(sotore-njya shingusu)

As seen in this Netflix JP screenshot

That was pretty bitchin’.


Yeah it’s so close and yet feels a but off somehow. I really appreciated how the artist of the boondocks, who was obviously an American influenced by manga and anime, got a Japanese animation studio to do it when it came to making an animated series rather than have an American studio try to mimic the style. I feel like they nailed the style he was going for better than he could himself. I remember as a kid being able to tell when American cartoons were made in Japan (I think). Inspector gadget comes to mind. Totally American characters and settings and yet looks like anime somehow.

That was good and fun, but I was hoping for a Eleven doing Dragon Ball like power up, in reproducing the end of season 2 of Stranger Things.