Strava for dogs isn't a joke (even though it seem silly)

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I don’t want or need a device for my pet for this, by definition they’re going with me. I would like to be able to mark them at the end of a walk though, like you can do with a specific pair of shoes or a bike or something, so that at the end of a year and I can look and see how many miles my doggos did. I guess I could pretend they’re a piece of gear and do that

My old boy Oscar used to run with me before his back gave out many many years ago, I would LOVE to know how many miles he ran with me. He loved it so much, when he got old and started having back issues I had to sneak out of the house with my running shoes hidden, it felt like I was really betraying him.


Plus just in terms of keeping them fit it would be nice to know how many hours a week my dogs are getting, since it’s pretty haphazard, whoever is feeling it takes them for walks whenever. I do tend to walk one dog though and my wife tends to walk the other.

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