Sunglasses with built-in clip for your shirt

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Can they make a pair that emits a loud alarm as soon as my ass gets within a cm or two of crushing them?

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But do they work with crew neck t-shirts?

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My cheapass sunglasses also have a feature that allows them to clip onto my shirt, called an earpiece. Works every time.

Bonus points for @crenquis: they’re cheapass sunglasses, so if I sit on them, I’m out ten bucks.

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It’s hard to get non-idiotic glasses these days, so I usually end up putting prescription lenses in sunglasses frames.

I have never lost a pair putting my sunglasses in the same place but without the clip.

I haven’t lost any either, but my glasses are liberally adorned with chips and scratches caused by putting them in the same place and having them fall onto stone, concrete or moving machinery when I leaned over to look at something. :frowning:

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