Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

This very relevant documentary points out something I haven’t seen discussed elsewhere. Before Roe, one of the few sources for illegal and dangerous abortions was the Mob. Banning abortions won’t stop them, but like Prohibition and the War On Drugs, the ban will be a windfall source of profit for organized crime.


Thank you for sharing! Will be signing and encouraging all friends and fam in the mitten to as well.

The only thing that keeps going round my head today (other than rage) is a quote by Albert Camus

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

Refuse to obey any Republican. Learn about malicious compliance before you are forced to obey. Breaking unjust laws is not violence, violence is violence.

Solidarity is the key here, if you allow people to bash one group then the whole resistance will fall apart into infighting, and that is what the Republicans want.


Don’t bet on that. I suspect that will be the first thing that goes if the right takes the senate, esp if they get the house and presidency as well. End of democracy.


[entirety of comment redacted due to unfettered rage, untranslatable profanity, and desire to perform acts banned by the Genena convention to certain members of the government]


Just FYI, I made a thread about resources for accessing reproductive care:

If you know of an organization that can be helpful to people seeking reproductive care, please post it there…

How about we stop virtue signaling and deal with where we are right now. Good for you, you voted for the “right” person. Who gives a fuck, because we can’t change the past. If you want to gloat, fine, but how about giving those of us who are fucked over right now a bit of breathing room.

Wise words.


Might I ask you for your list? If HI weren’t so expensive, I’d expect to see a lot more abortion tourism, but since it is, I’d like to contribute where my money is needed.


And keep fucking off forever.


Refuse to fuck Republicans, too.



A right wing activist court succeds at maintining minority rule in our fauly democracy.
Thias action decreases the Supreme Court’s legitimaxy and will ultimately reshape the role of the court itself in governance. The Supreme Court has not always been significant historically amd by making bad decisions they lesssen thier gravity and trustworthiness.
A great storm of changes and lawsuits are on the horizon.

They argue human rights should be decided “democratically” by heavily gerrymandered states that peddle in constant voter suppression for anyone who doesn’t agree with their fundamentalist bent…


I’ll post whatever I come up with to the topic @Mindysan33 created


Mandatory psychiatric custody is worse than prison, because it has no fixed release date. I expect there will be women who spend decades being “treated” because they won’t obey their masters.




I was angry this morning when this dropped; I’ve been getting angrier all day thinking about it.

I can’t at all wrap my head around the fact that every woman I know woke up this morning in a representative democracy with the right to decide what happens in and to their bodies, and they’re going to bed in a fascist-leaning theocracy as second class citizens that can’t make basic decisions about their healthcare.

I support planned parenthood and I’m thinking about following @cepheus42 ’s example and working with the Auntie Network, but it’s not enough and I don’t know what would be. What’s been stripped away is that enormous.


The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.

Abraham Lincoln


Mod note: I want to bring this up because it is an inevitable topic (and an on-topic one) here: There is a large contingent of folks who opted to morally abstain from voting in 2016. I know, I argued with users here about it back then while I watched helplessly from another country. Their decision of inaction has a part to play here, as does that of anyone who voted for Trump, including those I met on vacation in meatspace who told me their reasoning was to “upset the apple cart” because they believed things would get better afterwards.

These are the people that weren’t listening to @Mindysan33 screaming at the top of her lungs about how historically this stuff plays out back then, or other vulnerable populations who pointed out (as has now been shown) that revolutions are long, and almost always disproportionately affect vulnerable populations first. When you sit in a position of relative comfort or privilege and decide your right to morally abstain from voting is more important than the suffering these groups will face as a result of your inaction, you better believe that is damn-well on-topic when the results of that inaction finally come to fruition.

literally tens of thousands of people read the BBS every day (I know, I see the stats). Many of them opted not to vote. Some of them voted for this, and even if they did it thinking the checks and balances of government would right the ship eventually, they still voted for vulnerable populations, and now all Women, to go through this shit first, and decided that was a-ok.



You DO realize women are going to die because of this ruling? Women aren’t fucking fodder.