Supreme Court to strike down Roe v. Wade in draft ruling leaked to Politico

“Alito’s lip service in his draft opinion about returning these issues to the states and to the people is disingenuous,” explained Seidel. “The court could have decided a case like this at virtually any time, but waited until after it had completely gutted the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County (2013) and Brnovich (2020) and after it had upheld partisan gerrymandering in Rucho v. Common Cause (2019). Those decisions protect the power of the conservative white Christian who would otherwise be subsumed in a demographic tide that would keep them out of office for good.”

The separation of church and state has traditionally prevented Christian nationalism from reigning over the laws of the United States. But with far-right, activist judges, like Alito, Supreme Court rulings can begin and end with religion.

“Some will disagree because Alito phrases it as ‘morality,’ but that’s the point,” Seidel continued, “he’s forced to adopt euphemisms for imposing his conservative Christianity on us all.”


If you aren’t rallying behind reproductive freedom, you won’t rally around any other kind. You just enable fascists. Why the hell should I vote freedoms away?


From last month:


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I’m sure that Aliito is lying, but on page 62 of this turd of an opinion is the following.


Well sure. Nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion.

We’ll get rid of those in other opinions.


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U.S. Senator Susan Collins , who claims to be an ardent supporter of the right to abortion, will be a “no” vote next week when Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer forces a vote on legislation to codify Roe v. Wade into law.

The Maine Republican voted to confirm right-wing Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Chief Justice John Roberts, and the justice who is authoring the majority opinion that will strike down Roe v. Wade, Samuel Alito. All are expected to vote to end the constitutional right to abortion.

Ahead of next week’s critical vote, Collins has already signaled she will not support the more than 70 million women in this country considered to be of “reproductive age.”


Catholic hospitals.

Senator Collins “says she has concerns about the Dems bill to codify Roe v Wade,” reports Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman. “She said it doesn’t include ‘conscience’ provisions that would allow catholic [sic] hospitals to refuse to perform abortions.”

In February Sen. Collins and Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) introduced legislation to do exactly what the Democratic bill would do: codify Roe v. Wade into law.


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They’ve already demonstrated a willingness not to be bound by precedent, so such assurances are essentially worthless.


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does anyone need a OCR’ed (and thus searchable) version of this opinion? Politico screwed it up.


Sorry, from the 5th District (I voted for Wilkes 2 years ago)


Is this the other side of the “half-pregnant” coin? </s> Even during health class in Texas, we learned that’s not how it works…


If we have to apologize for our districts representative, then I owe everybody here a massive apology.


Why is it so important to protect the right of Catholic hospitals to kill patients?

Oh, that’s right: women and girls are chattel, not human beings, so protecting their lives isn’t important.


And we already have rules that say that Catholic hospitals have to treat anyone for anything if they want to receive Medicare payment.


and really, the constitution doesn’t mention “marital intimacy” , “marriage”, or “procreation” anymore than it does “abortion”. he’s just making stuff up whole cloth.

there’s no constitutional ground once you remove the right to privacy and autonomy. and nearly every private decision about sex, gender, race, health care, education, marriage, and children becomes fair game.

except guns, of course. gotta have those. would give them out in utero if they could figure a way


after 16 years of alito showing us exactly who he is and after seeing gorsuch, kavanaugh, and barrett lie their asses off to the senate confirmation hearings i don’t think i can take this “pinky swear, we’re not going to come for marriage equality, contraception, or interracial marriage equality” very seriously. my state has a totally corrupt attorney general named ken paxton who would be thrilled to say something like “based on the findings in the dodds opinion and using the same “logic” texas is no longer recognizing marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples and will no longer issue them.” and then watch the 5th circuit fall all over themselves to agree and then watch the furious five on the supreme court “regretfully agree”.

you know, as angry as i am at collins i’m ten times angrier at the voters of maine for re-electing her.

i have apologized repeatedly for my state for squeezing out the dry turd john cornyn and the steaming pile of typhoid-laced diarrhea that is ted “insult my wife again and i’ll lick your other ball” cruz. only another liberal democrat from texas could understand the abject depths of sorrow i feel for that. i don’t usually forestall the possibility of communication but this is almost too deep for words.