Taiwanese pancake chef can flip faster than an eyeblink


That’s definitely not Japanese. Sounds more like Taiwanese or Mandarin.

Japanese, you say? But look at the title of the original post! We’ve always been at war with EastAsia.


He’d be even faster if he alternated left-to-right with right-to-left.

Bah, that’s nothing… Check out this epic Paratha tosser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-r7z6JFwbk


They are speaking Mandarin with a Taiwanese accent. This is at a night market in Taiwan…NOT China (big difference).


Looks sped up after the first toss, the creases in his sweater seem to move too quickly?

Who cares about all those mini pancakes… check out the HUGE one at the 1:50 mark. Now THAT is impressive.



We had these guys out for some events. Their machine can pour 4 cakes at once, and their flippers are fast. Previous world record holder according to their site.


don’t be ridiculous. it’s not even that fast; i know a few home cooks who achieve about 80% of that speed just from hobby cooking. i’m more impressed by his diligence and patience to repeat the same movement so smoothly.

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This is sarcasm, right?

The most interesting thing, IMO, is that he’s making Doraemon’s favorite snack. Notice the couple of Doraemon plush dolls towards the end of the video. I’ve only seen these pancake sold in pre-packaged, preservative full versions in supermarkets. I’ve never had one made fresh before. Wonder what he uses for the fillings? Red bean paste or cream?

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