Take this visual compatibility quiz to find out what kind of person you are

Putting all apps into folders is utter madness, I would be checking they weren’t an alien in a human suit.


Uh, how old is this relationship?


Two kinds of people: spellcheck / no spellcheck.

Yep, I made a mistake : Liter/Litter. You can rub my face in it, or help me to progress in English, with might be your native language but isn’t mine. Two kinds of people, again.

BTW my automatic spell checker do not recognize liter.

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Godammit “Post must be more than nine characters”.

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I must be a hybrid, then. I have pages for social apps, games, turn-your-phone-into-a-tricorder apps, and so on. I leave the most used apps on the page and bundle the rest into a folder, depending on how crowded the page is getting.


that’s fine but on andriod I just put the stuff I need on the home screens and leave everything I use once in a blue moon in the app drawer.

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  1. Why not both, if the opportunity presents itself? (Won’t rub your face into litter, though.)
  2. I’m not a native speaker, either.
  3. “Does not”.

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  1. “Liter” is okay in American English, and BB is US-based. I’m not really happy about either, but “technically correct is the best kind of correct”.
  2. The more-than-nine-characters rule is just bollocks.

Heavy drinkers, both?

I prefer an occasional dram, but that’s just me.

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For this whole book, I reject your false dichotomy!

Or since the book has 176 pages (take out 4 for cover pages back and front) divide by two for choices…

I reject your 2^86-chotomy. Why there isn’t -chotomy for this number? Let’s use hexakishecatommyriacchotmy.

a la [quote=“Footface, post:16, topic:104541”]
I think there are, like, 2^50 kinds of people:

This whole book is a minefield of practically religious wars level of controversy. Using this to gauge compatibility in a relationship is likely to end the relationship.


You monster.


I won’t say which way I prefer to the toilet roll, but I will say two things about this divisive subject of vital importance:

  1. Just because a majority do something one way, doesn’t automatically make it the superior way.
  2. The best solution is one my wife and I employ in our house: whoever replaces the toilet roll gets to put it on the spindle however she or he damn well wants to. And the other isn’t allowed to reverse it.

Actually there are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary, those who understand ternary, and those who don’t.

(Feel free to extend with as many numeral systems as you wish.)


I was completely ambivalent about toilet roll direction until I got a cat.

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How do I roll?
Eh, I prefer to stew.

Good movie; but did they really change people into animals or did they Soylent them and just say “Now he’s a dog.”?

I foldered my apps.



Aluminum Aluminium

Both pass spellcheck.