Talking about Allan Sherman on the Comedy on Vinyl podcast

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Alan Sherman was kind of a revolutionary. I can’t think of anyone before him who was openly Jewish.

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While he’s best known for the “Camp Granada” songs (I think there were 3 in all), my favorite was always You Went The Wrong Way Old King Louie, which is better remembered now than the song it was parodying, You’ve Come A Long Way From St. Louie.

I always thought it was a shame that no one ever tried to incorporate his songs into a musical, because many of them have a big, Broadway feel to them.

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I like this one:

Definitely a big Broadway feel.

Yes, the original Weird Al. I loved that album as a kid, especially You Went the Wrong Way Old King Louie and Has Anybody Seen My Gal. However, I was too young to know any of the songs in their original forms, so anytime I hear them, even today, the lyrics sound “wrong.”

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Yeah, that’s an old fashion showstopper if there ever was one.

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Not Tom Lehrer or Stan Freberg?

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