Talking Radicalized with John Scalzi in the LA Times

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In addition to being one of the best modern SF writers not enough people have heard about, John Scalzi gets a additional admiration from me for his little take on Christian Fundamentalist d-bags


Let’s not forget his leak of Chad’s notes on the proposal for Christ: Origins.

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Its impossible to write anything bad which contains the following phrase

“Awesome Jesus Ninja Triad”

“Fetish Jesus” is my new favorite term.


LA IDEALLY dont have much religion, and if you have a religion its private, it’s work and shopping, many people are there temporairly so keep it down on religion, talking about spirituality, stress and emotions, respect, diversity, is encourage instead. Religion isn’t perfect, it’s an optunity to share values, rules expectations with people of similar culture, or ethnicity. Lot of people are racially Greek in American and they participate in a number of religions. Outside of LA if you use a color its for work, language or religion, Catholics look white and wear red in the North.

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