Taquitos.net is the ultimate database of obscure snack foods

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Some of these names ought to inspire a new Willy Wonka style snack-regent movie.


I once passed on a box of ‘Blood Sugar’, spotted in a sketchy local grocery store in a very sketchy neighborhood. Advertised on the package as packing more punch per gram than regular sugar (it’s literally the same as sugar found in your blood, so no need to digest) but at the same time less sweet, so you can ‘put more’. Never seen again and to this day I regret not buying a box.


I’m happy to see it has one of the Bokun Habanero varieties. It’s not even the basic flavor but some pizza thing.

The reason I know about this snack is all thanks to Habanero-tan:

I’m staggered by how many corn and potato-based mass-produced snacks there are. Thousands of different potato chips, hundreds by one manufacturer alone - and this just appears to be what a few reviewers in the US could get access to, so presumably there’s uncountable numbers of products from numerous countries not included. (I’m reminded of someone pointing out that “choice” when it comes to US grocery store shelves largely consists of a million different versions of exactly the same thing.)

Although even limited by access, there’s some definite biases here - there’s a clear emphasis on products from Anglophone countries and Japan (but limited to product types familiar to Americans). Plus, snacks not based on corn/wheat/potato/rice flours get limited to no coverage - the more exotic a snack type is to white Americans, the less likely it is to show up on the list at all.

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