Tarantino script leaked


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Spoiler alert: People talk at length about topics mostly unrelated to the movie as well, perhaps at a diner or some other eating establishment.

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The one I know didn’t do this is Tim Roth.

Orange is no rat. oh wait…


Not sure precisely what’s going on with this, but I’m pretty sure every Tarantino script since Kill Bill has leaked before release - maybe not this early, but the scripts have definitely been out there long before the release date.

Sounds like a case for Immigration and Customs Enforcement! Someone call the MPAA!

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In a decade or so it will be spoken of in hushed tones in hazy university dorm rooms: “did you hear Tarantino wrote another Western? The script is out there online. It would totally be his best film, but he’ll never do it.”

Do you have evidence of this? I’ve never heard of that.

Any ideas where we can get it, people?

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