Teacher-turned-Congressman gives Boehner an F

Congressman Mark Takano (D-Riverside) is a former high-school teacher, and he put his paper-marking skills to good use redlining GOP Speaker Boehner’s letter trying to scare legislators off of the comprehensive immigration reform bill. It’s a devastating bit of snark. Be sure you click through for page 2. A draft letter by Republican members to… READ THE REST


This is addressed to Boehner, not a letter by him. :slight_smile:

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This is adorable. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to shame Republicans.


Loved the double underline for redundency. :blush:


Isn’t this how real journalists should approach every political press release?


Love it

As a teacher, I have to say that this is a bit unfair to Boehner, as that grading a draft seems cruel. Then, as a human being, I considered Boehner. Carry on, fellow educator, carry on.


This is fantastic (former teacher here, but math not English). Not only should this go viral, but this kind of “mark-up” should become a regular thing for Congressional missives…

Kudos to Rep. Takano!

Criticizing a page-count comment based on word-count?

“Rule of Three” - so we can’t use three adjectives now?

Lazy work.

Well well, you found some cherries to pick. Congrats!

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