Ted Cruz admits "love" for electronic vibrating device



Are you saying that Teddy has also made some personal choices?

Hey, Ted, I love my iPhone too, but I’m not interested in having sex with it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Cruz also addressed the issue of same-sex marriage, saying, “[federal courts] look down on the people, they don’t trust us to make judgments about our own lives, so the federal government and federal courts are going to step in and impose their own policy preferences.”
(Emphasis mine.)

The fact that Cruz just outed himself–after all the only people affected by same-sex marriage are those who want to marry–should be bigger news than Cook’s announcement.


I read that as pure projection rather than Freudian admission.


Hate the sinner, love their products?

I’m familiar with Christian Socialism, but it seems Cruz has now made Christian Capitalism rather explicit.


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