Ted Cruz angry on behalf of gamers

Ah I see. Still a pretty stupid thing for folks to get pissy about.

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Maybe he’s still mad about that time a woman sued McDonald’s for giving her third-degree burns (necessitating skin grafts), prompting conservatives to enact tort reform legislation protecting huge corporations from meaningful accountability for their actions.


or woke AT ALL…

har har har


Is that going to be the new kopi luwak for Republicans?


It’s that, because Cancun Cruz has to show he’s a Real American™ instead of a Coastal Elite. Also, fair trade takes into account the rights of brown-skinned workers in the developing world, and his followers don’t like that at all.


In general, yes. For the GOP, it may be more about the best way to maximize delivery of lobby-bucks and special interest donations.


Ted Cruz wants you! To pay more on your electric bill.


Maybe he overheard one of his kids mewling about some problem while they were on their XBox, then he just ran with what he thought he heard. He’s starving for new issues to flog.

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So some of their favorite fictional characters are the Eco-Villains from Captain Planet and the Planeteers? That checks out.

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Modern extreme conservatives in the US and UK alike find it exhilarating.

When will they just make it official and change their name to the Fiction Party?

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…from Calgary. :joy:

Once again, on behalf of Canada, I officially apologize for this man. We really don’t know what went wrong there.


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