Ted Cruz runs from reporter's abortion question in parking lot escape

Originally published at: Ted Cruz runs from reporter's abortion question


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Definitely a single human TedCruz is so very horrible to Texans that I wonder what horrible self-loathing they have to keep electing him. I get the whole “hurting the ones we want hurt” thing, but he always manages to hurt Texans more.


Yes, they are running away from any discussion of abortion because they know it’s their third rail next year. This is going to hang around their necks like a noose, and the more examples of these vile attempts to strip women of autonomy and dignity for political expediency, the more their hopes and dreams to take over the country will crash and burn.

Cancun Cruz runs like the loser he’s always been to avoid the inevitable…


One of those prank media groups really has to do a piece where they pretend to be a right-wing media outlet interviewing Texas Republicans about the specific they continually vote for Cruz. I’ve heard explanations attempted by left-leaning Texas residents but in the face of the kind of sliminess of the sort exhibited here I remain puzzled.


Texas is a place that I cannot imagine moving to, except that I would be able to vote against Cruz. Talk about the ultimate sacrifice!


Why is he throwing up the devil horns at the beginning of the clip? As my username suggests, I am not offended on principle, but I am offended that Ted Cruz is using it.

“hook’em horns” as in longhorns, the mascot of the University of Texas?

I’ll take your word for it. I don’t know anything about Texas football, or really college football at all. If that’s a well-known thing in those circles, I’m guessing the University of Texas would rather he not do that, since they probably hate him as much as everybody else does.

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