Ted Danson learning to floss


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This is salve for the soul.


The “Wrong Way” sign in the background is purely coincidental, no?


Not in the context of the episode. They put in a lot of little touches like that. It’s really a well-crafted show, and Danson consistently kills it in his role.


LOL. I have no idea what the show is nor know anything about it. I didn’t even notice that this was a stage/set. I was merely noting the sign in the context of his trying to master this dance.


The show is “The Good Place”. The people teaching him the dance are his co-stars. Highly recommended


you must imagine the towel to be flossing


Thanks. But I’ve too much to watch already - both current series and backlog of recordings - via UK terrestrial TV (and a few cable channels) without needing to subscribe to yet more services.

Fortunately/sadly (both or either) there is a surfeit of high quality TV programming available all over the place these days but I’m all filled up with what I’ve got currently. Not enough time for all of the good stuff.


AGREE. After 3 people whose taste I respect recommended The Good Place, I gave in. An episode or two a night, and I quickly caught up thru Season 3. Every day I found myself looking forward to an hour of this smart, funny, thought provoking, endearing show. I feel like the show itself compositely is my Friend (yeah, a bit teched in the head but bein honest).

I haven’t seen last Thursdays episode yet. Cant wait!


Get ready to learn something new about utilitarian philosophy!


Sshhhhhhhh omg


Sorry. Philosophy spoiler!


The Good Place is friggen hilarious.


It’s ok. I’m kind of a Jason.


“Not “floss” as in dental care, but as in the dance craze that’s sweeping the nation™.”
Not bad, but nothing really can touch the Lipsi.


old enough to assume it was his teeth first, and thought “yuck!”


The show now gets used in philosophy classrooms.

The only other shows in my lifetime that I can think of as similar as television constructs are The Prisoner and Twin Peaks, which of course are completely different as television shows.


Better late than never.


Ah, a consequentialist.


Just finished season 1 (yes, late to the party). The cactus scene had me and my eldest falling off the sofa with laughter (and then rewinding so we could do so again), even though the punchline was obvious a mile out – or maybe because it was obvious a mile out.