Ted Nugent says he'll cut back on hate



If he means it, good for him. It’s a step in the right direction.


“When I made those wild-ass comments, on stage, about then-Senator Hillary Clinton and then-senator Barack Obama, I don’t know if you can grasp the degree of adrenalin and intensity and sheer over-the-top animal spirit and attitude that I live on stage,”

Oh we can all smell your ‘animal spirit’ from here Ted.


Were ALL of his hateful comments delivered while on stage?


It sure is good that adrenaline, intensity, attitude, and animal spirits are exclusively useful for mouthing off; and utterly useless for motivating anything more dangerous, or maybe we’d have a problem. Good cover there Ted.


Smells like shit and fear.


Oh, I suppose it matters now that it’s a member of your own “tribe”, eh?

He’ll be back at it in a matter of months. Leopards and spots, and all that.

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