Ted Nugent is an anti-semitic asshole


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He promised he would be dead if Obama got a second term. Ted needs to live up to his promises more.


If only he’d had the sense to stick to Islamophobia, he wouldn’t have endangered his standing at the NRA.


Pro-gun control Nazis disguised as Jews? They get sneakier all the time…

I can't see my replies/likes/likes received totals anymore

Yup. Don’t look so surprised.


Ted, Ted, Ted. We’ve told you a million times what happens when you don’t take your nice little pills!


Is he OK? He’s kind of going off the deep end here a little, right? I mean, he’s a rightwing whacko and all, but this is getting a little Tourette’s-ish. Like, neurologically, is he firing OK?


Was he ever?


There’s a not-so-suprising correlation between Islamophobia and Antisemitism.

If Sanders gets the nomination, expect this to get much worse before it gets better. I think Anti-Semitism played a strong role in Gore’s loss, dog-whistled by Bush’s constant Jesus-talk. It won’t be so coded this time.


He’s been hanging out with a snake-oil salesman who peddles cinnamon rolls as a cure for diabetes. (Mike Huckabee). One can only imagine what advice Mike gave him about his pills.



In related news, Nugent also announced that he’s a black man who will free us from Democratic slavery. He also declared himself a “war hero,” which would make more sense if he hadn’t already told the world how he escaped service in Vietnam by shitting himself.


Truth be told, I’d pay good money to watch a video feed of Nugent on election night when Hillary or Bernie wins the Presidency.

It’s a wonder that Karl Rove didn’t copyright “reaction videos” after his performance on election night 2012.


Nugent is a shity guitar player too.





I have an older Jewish relative who constantly sent me Islamophobic e-mail forwards. After one particularly nasty one originating from a self-described conservative “Christian” I traced it back to a white supremacist organisation. I forwarded that info back, pointing out that a lot of Islamophobes just may not have the best interests of Jews or Israelis in mind either, and asking if sending out neo-Nazi screeds a good idea. That put an end to the e-mail forwards to me, from Jewish and Christian sources alike.

In regard to the current election, if Sanders continues putting enough pressure on Clinton during the primary she might be blowing that dog-whistle in the coming months, like she did in 2008 with her “hard working Americans, white Americans” comment. In Iowa and NH she’s already been overheard playing up her Christian upbringing and values in one-on-ones, which may be politics as usual in America but may be something more.


Ted Nugent is, and has always been, an asshole. Lots of adjectives you can add to that sentence…this is just the latest example.


Wait until they dress as Nazis, it’s going to throw us all off


Like Michigan doesn’t have a bad enough reputation, what with Flint’s water crisis, Detroit’s public-school and other crises.


They say no publicity is bad publicity, but I have said for years Nugent does nothing but reinforce stereotypes and is a negative force for the cause he champions.