Ted Nugent is an anti-semitic asshole


"Meanwhile I adjust my yamika. . . "

When I first read that I thought he was talking about some brand/model of gun I’d never heard of.



I respectfully disagree. When Mike Huckabee rushed to Kim Davis’s side to protect the sanctity of traditional bigotry, I thought, “Ted Nugent’s endorsement still adds a touch of class to Huckabee’s campaign.”


i am assuming the email was sent to a bunch of people. i hope you hit “reply all” when you sent that back.

nugent cannot surprise me any more. the only thing good you can say about him is that he doesn’t hide anything any more, so we all know what a truly crazy, awful human being he is.


Yeah, my response to this was, “Gosh, I’m shocked to find out that Nugent is a anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynistic, racist, reactionary asshole. No, wait, that’s what I always knew he was.”


Seriously! You just need a sentence that’s like “Ted Nugent is ____________________________ asshole!” and that covers all of it.


The pros and cons of Ted Nugent

Stranglehold, recorded in 1975

Anything he has done or said since 1975


Hate to break it to you…


They’re very much overlapping, highly correlated realms of assholery…


The worst people are often found at the center of a Venn diagram.


Maybe they’re just re-enactors?

NB @sluggo


Dear Ted, shut up 'n play yer guitar. Or just shut up.


Another guy that can only comprehend one Constitutional Amendment at a time.



What? Is Gore a Jew? I’ve never heard that, seriously.


His running mate was.


I dunno, that weird flirtation with the 80’s was some lulz:


Ted Nugent is an anti-semitic asshole

+yup. This is news?


How’s that?


I’d just hate to see her do that. To the degree that it would just make me sad.

That’s just an argument against voting at all. Not a COMPLETELY convincing one, but damn close.