Teenager who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 sentenced to 1 year in prison (he got off easy due to age and remorse)

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he got off easy due to age and remorse White Supremacy and its facilitators.



that’s it. i fucking hate it, but that’s it right there.


It’d be nice to see all these light sentences actually be much longer, but suspended. So if any of these complete a-holes pulls a MAGA Shaman / Kyle Rittenhouse “I was only pretending to be remorseful to get a lighter sentence” schtick, then they’d be on the hook for the full freight of their lengthy sentence.


It’s sad that he was brainwashed into the Trump cult at such a young age, but I have no doubt that his remorse is the same “remorse” as all the rest of the insurrectionists- he regrets being caught and nothing more. I’ve yet to see any evidence that Trumpers can be deprogrammed into rational, decent human beings. Once they’re in, they’re in for life.


What a great name for my memoir though…


Ah, the exuberance of youth… /S

Hmm, yeah no- I don’t seem to recall ever toting pepper spray and a baton to join an idiot nazi hate mob and bashing my way into any gov’t buildings. Fuck this kid, too and the patsy judge what sentenced him.


Easy solution: what’s the average sentence for a kid of his age for gang-related armed robbery? That’d be lenient.


This guy:

While on the third floor, the defendant walked down a hallway, tried to open multiple doors, and yelled, “This is what happens when you piss off patriots!”, “Hey! Where are the swamp rats hiding?!”, and “Where are the swamp rats hiding at?”

At approximately 2:41 p.m., the defendant reached the doors to the Senate Gallery. At that time, on-duty USCP officers were attempting to lock the doors to the Senate Gallery to prevent the Senate Gallery and Senate Floor from being breached by the mob. The defendant assaulted one of the USCP officers by violently shoving him at least twice. As a result of the defendant’s and others’ actions, the officer retreated from the doors, without locking them.

At approximately 2:45 p.m., the defendant rushed into the Senate Gallery and yelled in celebration “This is our house! This is our country!” After several minutes in the Senate Gallery, the defendant jumped from the Senate Gallery down to the Senate Floor, where he walked directly to the dais at the center of the Senate Chamber, where the Secretary of the Senate, the Vice President of the United States, presides over the Senate. The defendant sat in the Vice President’s chair, reclined, and put his feet up on the desk. The defendant spent several minutes on the Senate Floor, during which time he accessed several desks belonging to U.S. Senators and helped other rioters enter the Senate Chamber.

Kinda getting the picture here…

… well, that is troubling…

This… gentleman… needs to unpack that statement.

“Cua appears to have had every advantage in life and many choices other than to attack the seat of our government," they wrote. “Cua’s crimes were not motivated by poverty or need and that sets him apart from many criminal defendants appearing in this courthouse.”

Defense attorneys called Cua an “impressionable eighteen-year-old kid who was in the middle of finishing his online coursework to graduate from high school” who never lived away from his parents until he was jailed after his arrest, serving about 40 days of incarceration until he was released on strict conditions.

That tracks.


The little shit came armed. This was premeditated. Why is sentencing not taking this into account?


Also, based on the other reports, is it REAL remorse or “remorse for the sake of a light sentence” remorse. Can we expect the remorse to be recanted 10 seconds after the sentence is serced?


I think it’s important to remember that the lengthy prison sentences that poor teenagers of color often get for relatively lesser crimes are the injustice. A year in prison for this is appropriate; it just looks unfair compared to the way others are treated. Let’s get the kids in my neighborhood the same treatment that this idiot got.


i remember what i was like at 18… rioting, assaulting police, damaging federal property, breaking and entering, while carrying pepper spray. sure. fuck this guy. he went to the party. now he should pay.



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