#TelegramGate: leaks show Puerto Rico's appointed officials mocking the dead as hurricanes devastate the island

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A guide for the revelations of #TelegramGate
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Posted: Jul 13, 2019 12:12 PM AST

Updated: Jul 13, 2019 10:44 PM AST

A guide for the revelations of #TelegramGate
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Demonstrators who arrived at the airport to denounce corruption in the Rosselló Administration (Juan R. Costa | NotiCel)
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Today they transcend the 889 pages of the Telegram chat that unleashes a crisis in the New Progressive Party (PNP) due to the misogynistic and homophobic content that its members shared in the group conversation.

In addition to Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, the adviser and former representative of the Governor before the Board, Elías Fernando Sánchez Sifonte (Fdo), participate in the chat; the legal advisor of La Fortaleza, Alfonso Orona Amilivia; the Secretary of the Interior, Ricardo Llerandi Cruz; the former Secretary of Public Affairs, Ramón Rosario Cortés; the image consultant, Carlos Bermúdez; the former press secretary of Fortaleza, Rafael Cerame; the publicist and president of KOI, Edwin Miranda; the director of the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (AAFAF), Christian Sobrino Vega, and the Secretary of State, Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín, among others.
To facilitate the search of the contents that have plunged in shame to the majority of the leadership of the Palma we offer you the following guide. This note will be updated regularly. You can also download the document here.

#TelegramGate 889 pages (compressed and searchable)

Page 5 - The Governor enjoys a tweet in which they say of the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, “The comandanta stopped taking her medications, that’s it or it’s tremendous HP”. “Tasty the tuiter today”, “I do not know how to hold on, I want to fight even with my shadow,” says Rosselló.

7 - 8 - Between Ramón Rosario and Alfonso Orona discuss how to push the exit of the technical compliance adviser of the Police Reform, Arnaldo Claudio. “Monitor will be a major headache in 2020. My opinion is that the revolution must be formed below, up and next, if they do not remove it, at least it is marked,” Rosario said as part of the plot against Claudio. “It’s an HP,” Bermudez added.

16 - Cerame reveals that they were looking to send a photographer to the Popular Democratic Party convention but “I did not find a brave man to hold a weekend in that psychiatric hospital”.

20 - Christian Sobrino, to add to the irony, mocks a picture of the PPD Youth at the convention because there are only three women. “Misogyny,” he exclaims. Rossello replies “let’s fuck them to”.

33 - Governor congratulates KOI for montage of photo: “Great job, guys! We fuck assholes to ours”, referring to a photo that representative Juan Oscar Morales used thinking it was from the PPD.

38 - “Without Saddle” was the homophobic commentary of Ramón Rosario on a photo where Eduardo Bhatia appears on a bicycle at the PPD Convention.

46 - Sánchez Sifonte gives instructions on how to affect the PPD by a fundraiser of the PPD organized by Johnny Crespo. “I spend them to exercise their good offices,” he exhorts, to which Rosario assures him that he will “deal with the question,” that is, would a journalist seek to ask Aníbal José Torres.

53 - Rosselló mocks the headline “Extend order of protection against Marazzi”, former director of the Statistics Institute, and shares a tweet in which a user asks “Where is the Feminist Collective?”.

60 - Jorge Del Pino, incorporator of Unidos por Puerto Rico, appears in the chat, provoked by a video that his brother-in-law, Sánchez Sifonte, distributed to the group. Rosario suggests that the origin of the video is Del Pino. “I gave him the copy, thinking with whom to make it different,” he says.

90 - They mock a letter from Itzamar Peña after the representative notified that he would not aspire to a new term in the Organization of Progressive Women.

97 - “My authorized expressions: Dear Oversight Board - Go fuck yourself. (Several raised finger emojis) Sincerely, R2,” says Rosselló.

126 - Llerandi and Sobrino talk about how Pesquera’s responses to the press could cost them. The first one warns: “We are wrong, so what?” That sound bite of Pesquera can rebound us ".

144 - Sobrino calls Rep. Manuel Natal “cabrón” after he broadcast one of his videos of corruption allegations. Miranda proposes: “Something has to be done to chastise this boy, I understand that none here wants to give prominence, but at some point it has to have consequences or it will escalate”.

157 - A photo of Bhatia is circulated in the chat, provoking the comment from Miranda “20 years and 200 pounds back” to what Bermúdez says “and 7 less men … sorry”.

176 - Governor quotes the word lady to refer to the lawyer Mayra López Mulero.

189 - Rossello proposes that both he and the Secretary of State leave the country to leave the Secretary of Justice, Wanda Vazquez, in the interim for displeasing the president sentorial, while Sanchez calls “bastard” journalist Benjamin Torres Gotay.

193 -199 - Miranda, Bermúdez, Rosario, Cerame and Orona joke with the death of Carlos Gallisá.

208 - Rosario confirms that Twitter trolley Luis Ramos is an employee of KOI: “As a matter of fact, Luis (employee of Koi) has an incredible ability to take someone out of the roof”.

210-212 - Rosario points out that the Mayor of San Juan did not make the municipal flags at half mast in mourning for the lawyer Héctor Ferrer Ríos but for Gallisá, to which Rosselló suggests launching a video on networks through ‘trollies’ to discredit her.

301 - Alert Nephew: “I recommend that we leave Telegram and move to Signal.”

352 - In a mention after a photo that shows the president of the Association of Teachers, Aida Díaz, giving a recognition to Cruz Soto, Sobrino says that “I’m salivating to fall to shots” without knowing which of the two it means.

355 - 356 - In the context of the fight against the federal law that prohibits cockfights, the Governor suggests several hashtags that can be used in a campaign, all around the double meaning of the word “cock”, which in English it is cock but also penis. Cock owner, #DontYouTakeMyCockAway, #FightingForOurCocks and #Todossomoscocks are some of the contributions of the Governor.

357 - 358 - Rosario mentions that Cruz Soto is looking for a boyfriend “even from the PNP” to which Cerame replies to Rivera Marín, “LuisG do not ever think of showing him the one-eyed man”. Rossello ends: “In other news, I just hammered the balls.”

379 - 397 - Everyone except Sobrino participate in some way in a conversation about the contest of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2018 and at a given moment the Governor refers to the contest as “softporn”.

376 - 377 - While discussing the Miss Universe Puerto Rico contest, Sánchez Sifonte asks in the chat “And Evelyn Vázquez where did he compete?”, While Miranda replies “The Black Angus closed it in 1996”. The Black Angus was a well-known brothel in the area of ​​the docks of San Juan.

459 - Sánchez Sifonte, who at that time was no longer a Fortaleza official, criticizes a publication on the Vital Plan. “The vital financing as q should have been in a media with more scope?”, To which Rosario replies that the publication was not Vital, “Lenin confused everything.”

536 - 537 - The then Secretary of the Treasury, Raúl Maldonado Gautier, intervenes to express the opinion that "We have to refocus our communication strategy … Humble opinion of a non millennial … The jokes and ridicule are not appropriate and can be affect the re-election campaign of the Governor and are not appropriate, in particular a chat like this, is a non-encrypted chat. "

647 - 649 - Sobrino and Sánchez Sifonte make a mockery of Ricky Martin. “Ricky Martin is so macho that he fucks men because women do not measure up, pure patriarchy,” says Sobrino.

659 - In the context of an advisory to the Secretary of the Interior, Ricardo Llerandi, on what to answer in an interview about the accumulation of corpses in Forensic Sciences, Sobrino says "Now that we are on that subject, we do not have a corpse to feed our crows? Clearly they need attention, attention and recognition for their great work of collecting what is on the floor already, but that’s the way the crows are, you give them one eye and they want the other, the issue is very strong. " To which Maldonado answers “ET TU BRUTUS !!!”.

848 - Hurried by a news item published on NotiCel, the Fortaleza team issues a statement on the qualified proponents for the Transmission and Distribution process of the Electric Power Authority (AEE). Sánchez Sifonte, who no longer had any formal position in the government and maintained clients in the energy sector as a lobbyist, comments that, "In a bidding process for something like this, which will always be the subject of a challenge.


The turmoil comes as Puerto Rico battles a 13-year recession, a debt crisis and tries to from devastating hurricanes in 2017.

What does that sentence mean? There’s no way Puerto Rico has been in recession for 13 straight years is there? The hurricane could have knocked economic output back to 2006 levels, sure, but that doesn’t make it a 13-year recession.

A quick Google doesn’t support the idea of a recession other than since the hurricane, though various other articles from 2 years ago refer to the “11-year recession”. I guess they just add 2 years to that for an update and that’s good enough sourcing.

Well from what I can tell, they’re referring to the “Government Development Bank-Economic Activity Indicator” which shows decline since 2006, though it doesn’t mean the economy is in recession just because that indicator is down. Other charts show a long decline in GDP growth rate, though that’s a derivate of GDP growth (which is positive until the hurricane) and doesn’t mean the economy is in recession.

I think the idea of a long PR recession was mentioned a few years ago and stuck, and until the island recovers, reporters are just going to keep adding to the number they see when they Google older articles about the hurricane.

Corruption in Puerto Rico is nothing new, and for a long time I’ve repeatedly said that the boy elected as Governor is in over his head.

I agree with Ricky Martin, Rossello is no leader and he should resign. He’s an embarrassment and none of those jerks that participated in that chat should be in public office.

As for the macho remark, Ricky Martin is more of a man than any of those losers!

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A horrifying peek behind the curtains of the old boys’ club.


When you look at how Puerto Rico exists, as nominally part of the USA but with certain aspects of democracy nullified, you get a view of how conservatives and big business would ideally like to run the entire USA.


The atrocity of their chat aside, this is a good example of why public officials shouldn’t use chat services for their informal discussions. Even on a secure service, it can and will be leaked by someone.


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