Telly Savalas talk-sings to a giant head



I think that I recall him singing in promotional commercials for Duluth, MN (his wife was from there, and they kept a house there):

Unfortunately, no singing in this one.

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This bit of creepiness makes me realize that cigarette-roughened voices may well have defined that era.

Holy Guacamole! I about spit my coffee on the keyboard, fucking hilarious!

I swear I heard this version the last time I went to the dentist.

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Whoa! Just as teh Ketamine popped!

Face of Boe?

I couldn’t make myself finish watching the video, because I very recently quit smoking, and watching him light up seriously messed with my calm. The enormous face reminds me of Face of Boe, and I’m going to focus on that while I try not to think about nicotine. Day four of no tobacco. Face of Boe. The Doctor. Jack Harkness. Day fucking FOUR!


Here’s Joni Mitchell’s version of “If”

Do I sense a mash-up?

No singing and he’s wearing a shirt. Duluth did not get its money’s worth.

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One of my favorite TV moments is Chris Elliott doing “Rocket Man”. It became even funnier years later when I discovered he was doing a parody of William Shatner.

Now I want to see Chris Elliott doing Telly Savalas. And if he doesn’t I’ll just have to break down and do it myself. In fact I know just the place to get a blonde wig.


Way OT, but I think that they made up for it with this one:


I like Stewie Griffin’s interpretation:


Also hilarious. I can’t believe I forgot to mention that one. I forget where I heard this, but MacFarlane had an interesting observation about how the internet gives us access to past performances like Shatner’s that we didn’t have before. When Elliott did “Rocket Man” I thought he was just being goofy and surreal. I had no idea he was parodying anything.

When Stewie did it not only was I aware that he was doing a funny version of something that was unintentionally funny but I had easy access to the original and could compare the three.

I’m actually wondering if Shatner’s Rocket Man wasn’t partially inspired by this.

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