Temperature in Oklahoma reaches 99 degrees in mid-February


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See? President Trump has been in the White House for less than a month and he’s already repealed Winter and replaced it with something terrific!


Ironic, considering that the USA just elected a president who does not think climate change is real. How many more billions of tons of fossile fuels are we going to dig up and burn in the next years? It was there in the ground for eons and we burn it all in a short time and it does not change a thing. Really?


Admittedly, “It’s unseasonably hot, so climate change must be real.” is exactly as silly as “It snowed, so global warming is a hoax.”


True. Climate =/= weather.

The fact that the area I live in is getting tons more snow than it did last year doesn’t mean that the global, overall trend isn’t still that things are getting hotter.


No, confusing climate with weather is only bad if Republicans do it.


Worse than that, Global climate ≠ local weather.


Came here to post this. Once again, misunderstandings of climate vs. weather getting everyone to stay stupid stuff. It’s all about time people and wearing shorts in February (or a Parka in August) doesn’t prove a point either way.


Party pooper!


Pretty sure it was Mangum, OK that hit 99 and not Norman, OK, which got to 88.


I thought Magnum was in PI.


Don’t forget the daily earthquakes in Oklahoma from fracking. It’s crazy.


Oklahoma is OK!


What else is hot in Oklahoma these days? Earthquakes. Lots of them. Couldn’t be related to all the fracking, could it? Nah. [insert fingers, toes, back into ears]

Last year, Oklahoma experienced more than 1,000 earthquakes measuring at least 3.0 in magnitude; that’s up from fewer than two in 2008. The state is now the most seismically active in the continental U.S.


Indeed, but we are breaking heat records more and more frequently around the planet.


Errrmm… Yes and no.

Weather does not equal climate, but increasing instances of unusual weather are indicative of something happening with the climate.

Or, “once is happenstance, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern”.


Yep, just like it would be hard to say that one particular bad hurricane is caused by global warming, even though the occurance of more variable and more extreme weather events is generally consistent with expectations from global warming. Maybe we can’t say. this heat wave is caused by global warming, but these data points will be added to all the other data points to make the big picture.


It isn’t Mag-num; it’s Man-gum, which opens up a whole new avenue for humor.


New rules governing injection wells have slowed the pace somewhat. There were only 623 last year of M3 or greater, after more than 900 in 2015. It’s still a 30,000% increase over 2008. The oil&gas companies still say its all circumstantial and probably a coincidence. Yeah.


“Once is weather, twice is weather, nineteen years out of the last twenty is climate.”