Tennesse woman opens fire at family backing up in her drive way


Three words: Stand your ground.


Tennessee woman was the shooter, Virginia family was trying to turn around.


Not relevant.

Two words: Senile Dementia

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Damn 'ginians.

My point. Some Floridians seem to like to shoot at whatever strikes their fancy.

Well, did the investigating officers find the still, or not?

I kid, only because my family is from all over the South.


Thank you!

That’s not fair to people with dementia, and overgenerous toward Margie Rhea Ramey.

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Mostly this is an example of one of my fellow East Tennesseans clinging to one of our worst traditions. But there’s also a small silver lining of a nicer way to hang on to our traditions: the reporter, in his own voice, twice uses “to set” when others would use “to sit”. I like seeing our regional language in print and I think it takes some guts on the part of the reporter.


I don’t understand the U.S. justice system. How does firing two shots result in seven counts of felony reckless endangerment? Surely she recklessly endangered twice? (Not saying I’m on her side, just that I don’t see the logic.)

She fired at 7 people


Probably thought it was Amanda Bynes…

Very relevant.

Then it should be 14. Either way, the logic fails.

I was thinking… It’s coming right for us!

Only if you don’t think about it…

1 incident involving 7 people = 7 charges. This ain’t rocket surgery.


She fired two shots, thus endangering them twice each. You’re not feelin’ the math, here.

The sound of freedom: gunshots