Tennessee lawmaker defends operating an unregistered "Christian magic supply" business

I love that Vindolanda tablet about someone sending socks, underpants and sandals to a soldier stationed on Hadrian’s Wall. Its not just the ancient, domestic detail that appeals to me; but also the idea that the Romans had a semi-reliable postage system of some sort that reached as far as the outer fringes of the Empire.


The Romans didn’t have actual knitting technology but there’s a good chance they had Northern slaves who knew how to make socks by nålbinding. You could sew socks from woven fabric, but they’d suck if you had to actually walk around in them, which is why it’s not even possible to buy such a thing today.


Ah, no wonder the Romans ended up with an empire then! They lacked the expression “stick to your knitting”.


Unless this guy is actually feeding 5000 people with five loaves and two fishes, actually raising the dead or walking on water, then he’s not a magician, he’s an “illusionist.”

For example: convincing people that if they give money to the church they’ll be rewarded in Heaven-- great trick.


This is just fantastic. I expect he will manage to get away with the minimal penalty, but this situation is so absurd that The Onion would reject it. Good times.

Stay magical, Christian politicians.


I wonder if he also eats squirrel, or shrimp? (Unclean animals.)

I came here for a Christian Science splinter group. Now I’ll just have to found it. This is really not something I had expected to need to do this quarter…

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Christian magic supply?

Can we please just call this what it is, which is an enormous load of bullshit?


Christian scientists is also codeword for bullshit.

this is fine. let him be Speaker. this is all completely normal. why does everyone insist on “ethics” and “transparency”? can’t you see how great we are again?

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Strange, but true: Rep. Matthew Hill is the Chair of the Tennessee House of Representatives Ethics Committee


Well, he’s made the “pledge”, and in the minds of his marks he has carried out the “turn”, but the “prestige” is going to take some work.

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