Tennessee sheriff who ordered deputies to kill driver of slow-moving car and gloated over his corpse faces excessive force lawsuit


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Cue the police apologists in 3… 2… 1…


Because keeping your PoPo ride all cherry is way more valuable than any human life.


Judge, jury, and employer of the executioner

In June, the county district attorney declared the shooting justified.

Is that PoS named in the suit as well? Because without a D.A. to cover up your crimes, this sort of thing doesn’t keep happening.

I’d also like to point out that not stopping for anyone employed by this psychopath is the sane and reasonable choice.


I can’t believe she had to sue these fuckers! How is this not a criminal offense?

The suit also names the county, the city of Sparta and the two officers who fired their weapons.

Well they at least named the town appropriately.


Ah, “Good Old Boy” Culture. Were it not for the body cam recording, this guy would never have been caught. He STILL may get away with it. Just watch. Juries love cops, even crooked ones. ONLY blue lives matter to some people.


If that was the choice, it would obviously be horrible to choose killing someone over fixing some damage to a car, but that’s not even the worst of it. PIT maneuver versus killing is a false dichotomy. Follow him until he gets where he’s going - he likely just didn’t want to pay the towing charges that would come from being arrested on the side of the road.


The DA enjoys the privilege of absolute immunity for all decisions like this one.


…Is nobody else going to note that the gunman was named Adam West?

Seriously, between this and Trump, do we need any further proof that we’re living in some kind of parodic simulation created to test what crazy shit happens if humanity makes the craziest/dumbest possible decisions at every opportunity?


What do you expect when our grade schools indoctrinate our children with ‘respect the badge’ type campaigns? Heck, police unions seem to be the only labor union the right likes and our nation is basically brainwashed by all the “support our troops” and “back the blue” propaganda all in service to supporting jobs where people kill people for money and glory. It’s a perverted state of affairs.


stay classy Tennessee.


When asked why he shot the fleeing driver, Deputy Oral Mac “Mac” MacMudturtle replied, “Wall, heckfire, I was just following orders.”


They like prison guard unions too. If it’s about controlling the population and it is in their favour they will support it.


“Lawsuit for excessive force”
Not murder charges, which would be entirely reasonable, but a motherfucking lawsuit - that the county pays out. Jesus Fucking Christ.



Psycho cop gives order to murder in cold blood. That’s bad. That his stormtroopers carried out those orders without question? That is the scary part.



Yes, I’m aware of all the depressing and jaded responses to the question. I can tell you though that I live in a rural county in Michigan and this man would be f*cking fired pretty quickly. THIS SHIT HAPPENED LAST APRIL! Also, Jesus Christ, they shot him AFTER they ran him off the road!



I beg to disagree!


This is murder. Both the deputy who shot him and the sheriff should, right now, be in jail awaiting trial for murder and conspiracy to murder.


Where’s Wyatt Earp when you need him?


The cops’ and DA justification amounts to this: If you run/drive away from cops, you must die.