Terrifying video of Blanco River flood tearing into Texas home

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Woah. That suuuuuuuuuucks. I just…why are those people even there?

Also, clearly, climate change is a hoax.

Fun fact: Hays County, TX, where the flooding is especially bad, is home to tea party christian scientist SOPA-SPONSOR whackadoo Lamar Smith. But also home to other congressional districts, so it sounds like a diverse place!


Quick. Shoot it!


I expect it would be tough to run from your house with a strong expectation that it won’t be there when you return…but it’s better than drowning in your own house. Wonder if there was an evacuation order in that particular area?

while i was watching that, an ad popped up for “70% off all-inclusive vacations” – umm, no thanks.

It’s not real. It’s just a part of the liberal-Obama-scientist conspiracy.

Running water in all rooms!


An actual snort occurred when I read that!

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I don’t think Ernie Perez knows what a washing machine does.

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